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  1. Hello, did you troubleshoot the problem?
  2. Hello, just for future reference, technician had to reinstall green laser head from spare machine. Probably even the old one only needed good centering of beam.
  3. Hello, i had a problem red laser on a dlab2 ssl. So my tech. installed the spare flr that i bought more than a year ago. It used to work fine on a dlab 2 plus. We installed the flr only since it was not practical for me to bring the whole machine that is still in storage. when we instaled flr, error message started : power drift laser green, working point being readjusted, please wait... We can print after the message disappears normally. And from time to time , couple of times daily we get a message : Working point cannot be set for laser green,clear. And we need to restart printer. Lasers are initialised in 300 or so sec. PBL and xprint looks fine. Script get status of ssl status of lasers ok.And the prints looks great. Did someone had similar messages ? Maybe some settings were not entered correctly during instalation?
  4. My orders are not in the form of the job file. I don't have a kiosk. I have a pc that is connected with the Dlab 2.and I am editing images using lightroom and than send them via network to the agfa computer on the machine itself and print them in desired quantities. What does Agfa d-WorkFlow/d-Client do and how can i integrate it in my workflow?
  5. Hello everyone, i process all my print orders to dlab2 from desktop workstation that is connected with minilab. Almost all the editing of images is done with lightroom or photoshop and than sent to shared folder and to machine.Since the main computer is very slow for editing large orders (my preview mode takes ages for images to show) we only order number of prints on machine software.This proces is little slow and sometimes we get clogged with orders and our business suffers. I would be very pleased if you can share with me what is yours setup,software used,yours recommendations for speeding up my workflow etc... Thanks in advance.
  6. Is the national laser company good for repairing the agfa dlab 2 ssl shimadzu laser? http://www.nationallaser.com/
  7. Hello, The green laser on the dlab 2 ssl malfunctioned. We did troubleshooting swapping controllers for green and blue laser,and the error shifted on the blue laser. Is it possible to exchange only the green laser head on spot,without sending the whole FLR unit for repair? Has anyone done that? If anyone have FLR for sale please please feel free to contact me. Cheers.
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