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  1. geirill

    MS14 configration

    Might be good to write what you did to fix it, so if other people have the same problem it would be easy to fix!
  2. i did! they couldent help me out!
  3. If im printing from photoshop, it doesn`t precut 8cm! its happening on all the medias that i have tested, but havent tryed canvas yet. Not good to use the auto producting when all the pictures get 8cm precut. quite expensive in the long run. My service center has tryed to remove the precut for a while, with no sucess!
  4. thanks for the link! i tryed it but it seems the esp51 software overrides the settings. somewhere in the ini files it must a command for the 8cm precut
  5. Ihavent solve the problem with the 8cm yet. But i manage to get the driver working with epson 7900. im gonna try tomorrow , remove the 8cm cut! hopefully someone will write here if they manage doing it!
  6. Search the forum here! someone has uploadet it before! c12 or c2 cant remember:p v1.7
  7. ESP - Easy Studio Print Anyone have that software? http://business.fujifilm.co.uk/photofinishing/photo-finishing-products/inkjet-products/software/esp-easy-studio-print ive heart that its possible to download but i can find the site/ftp -Geirill
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