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  1. Hello Dave, i called a friend ( who is electrician ) and because a have a Federal main electrical pannel, braker was installed at the wrong place and i had only one phase. Braker was supposed to go on 2 differents pins. Now i have 250 volts between L1 and L2. Thank you very much for your patience and your help, Bruno.
  2. I have 125v on red/ground and 125v on black/ground. No power to the monitor same thing to the power button.
  3. processor relay pcb j390912, could you tell me if it is possible ? Thank you
  4. Thank you Dave, every connection are fines. Now, it doesn't start up, i have power to switch, and main power supply ( the one just beside magazine paper ) but i think relay pcb is not working. No sound from my noritsu !
  5. Thank you Dave for your advice. L1 and L2 are 110 and 110 v. Green never goes to N so green goes to L3 and white to N or born with stripe yellow and green ?
  6. Hi, i moved my minilab to an other location and the power cable have been disconected. I would like to know where wires black, red, white and green should go ? Which color to L1, L2, L3 and N. I supposed black goes to L1 and green to N, but what about red and white ? I am leaving in Canada and circuit breaker is 30 amp.
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