October 2018

Mini Lab Help.com is now in the final stages of being handed over to new owners.

We would like to thank everyone for the support over many years and we wish the new owners all of the best to drive this web site for another 20 years. 

A sad time to say goodbye, but also a happy days as this site goes in a new direction.

Goodbye - Neil Taylor 

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  1. kuRa

    FE software - order reprint

    Hello Maybe someone knows how to reprint order in FE software ? regards kuRa
  2. kuRa

    MS01 custom backprint

    Where I can find full description of backprint from MS01 ver 4.2 ? I want customize, but it's different than in old C4/C5 software :/
  3. kuRa

    MS 01 4.2 strange cropped image

    My system is Frontier 570 with FMPC 4.2 on XP, FE- Frontend MS01 4.2 on WIN 7 32bit. I'm geting strange effects after cropping.
  4. kuRa

    I need FE/MS

    You mean 4,5 GB ? I know its big - would you be so kind and upload to my FTP server?
  5. kuRa

    Latest C4/C5 patch

    I've heard about latest patch allowing to work with any CD-R - does anyone got it?
  6. kuRa

    I need FE/MS

    I need FE/MS software installs - can someone share it or send it to my ftp? I'm working on C4/C5 and want to upgrade but need to check to which one:)