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  1. I am looking for the wiring diagram for this printer, does anyone have them? I already have the service manual but not the wiring diagram.
  2. 727

    and maybe I sent a memo to ms 01 4.2 on the frontier 350 but not to the magician typing with a frame


  3. pepe21

    QSS-33 Laser control pcb J390919-00

    Did you do a software upgrade on the board?
  4. pepe21

    Lpc Software D4-1 For 390 Lp2500

  5. @drytech Yes I did and its very odd, as you are the only one saying it does. My computers are well protected but yours somehow found it?
  6. @drytech ok, I just sent you the link
  7. I got a lot of messages and I have been sending links. send me your email here please.
  8. Minilab service is correct, I only have the twain driver. but please do consider Minilab service for help and software he has been very helpful and is very knowledgeable.
  9. Very true, new version 6.50 can be used with windows 10 64 bit(if anyone needs it let me know.,I can send you link) you will have to disable digital signature in order for this to work. Image path error most likely the plastic bracket is broken which keeps the lens in place. lift the front lid and move your lens a little, if it moves its broken. lens keeps in place.
  10. pepe21

    Windows 7/10 Qss-Printer Driver

    You basically sell software many users have given to you
  11. pepe21

    Noritsu QSS 3010

    Its a great machine but also keep in mind that parts are becoming hard to find nowadays.
  12. pepe21

    Noritsu QSS 3010

    For that machine is a bit too much. why not get a QSS33 or 35?
  13. pepe21

    Recovery Frontier 340

    I have the recoveries plus the system program