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  1. Got it! The float switch on the developer effluent (waste) tank was not working. We checked it with a VOM and it did not close the circuit when it was in the up position. Since this wasn't signalling to empty the developer effluent tank we weren't emptying it (duh). The developer effluent tank was spilling over into the retention vat which is the plastic tray (with the rubber stopper) under the internal paper feeder slide-out drawer. The retention vat has a float switch in the back which deployed when the tank filled up. That, in turn, signalled the machine to shut down the replenishment system and that is why the replenishment pumps weren't working. We replaced the float switch in the developer effluent tank, drained and dried out the retention vat, and it's working again! We could have just routed the developer effluent hose into a bucket and forgot about the switch but I had the part so I fixed it. Good luck to all, Ken
  2. Hi All, I'm getting this error message in the chemistry section: "Presence of Liquid in the Retention Vat" Has anyone had this. I think maybe the sensor for the Dev waste tank is not working. The machine hasn't asked to pee in a long while and none of the replenishment pumps are functioning. Machine is still printing though. Any thoughts? Take care, Ken
  3. Maybe try pulling the ram boards and reseating them? Maybe try pulling the pci boards and reseating them too. Good luck! Ken
  4. Thanks everyone. I knew this was simple but I did not know the details. I had a tech that did the fix in his hotel room. Then I sent him my back-up tank board to check and another bad one to fix. He stole them both and I never saw him again! Thanks for the details ion the fix sibi.
  5. Hi Sapsi, Here's the post regarding testing the motor and fixing the tank board if that's your problem: Best of luck, Ken
  6. There's another post regarding this I believe. There are two leads on the tank board, possibly white and black larger wires. If you disconnect them from the board and touch them to a nine volt battery, the rack motor will run. If it doesn't the rack motor is bad. I'll be in the office tomorrow. I'll research further and get back. Good luck!
  7. I didn't know you could actuate the circulation pumps manually. We're talking about the circulation pumps and not the replenishment pumps. Correct?
  8. Are your tank levels low?
  9. KenTen


    Is the vacuum plugged in on the paper deck?
  10. Yes. I am interested in getting a spare
  11. KenTen

    Blue Rubber

    As I said earlier I'm using rubber cassette / 8 track player belts. I get them here: http://www.ceitron.com/passive/flatMbelt.html I am using the FM7.25 belt. I have no trouble with them but I print only 10" and 12" paper. I have only 12 on there instead of the full 22 belts since that was all he had when I bought them. They've been rolling along for almost a year now with no jams. Probably had 200 rolls of paper through there. Take care, Ken
  12. Hello Ken, I'm beggining to have the same problem as you with the blue belts in the expo.

    Did you solve the problem?

  13. KenTen

    Blue Rubber

    OK. I put 12 FM7.25 belts on our DKS1710 machine (since that was all the company had) and it's working fine. I replaced the blue belts on the exposure deck. They are the belts that run across the two roller on the right and they uncurl the paper. I'll let you know how long they last. The belts measure as follows: .2" X .023" X 7.25" 184mm long (58.5mm diameter) X 0.6mm thick X 5mm wide
  14. I'm looking for a DKS 1710 Tank CAN Board Part # N060 310 896 to keep for a spare. I had 3 of these but lent one out to my former tech and he never returned it. I sent him my second for repair and guess what? He never returned it. I can't find him now so I'm out of spares. Since these are finicky, I'd like to have one laying around for the busy season. Does anyone have a spare they want to sell or does someone know how to repair these boards? I was told by the elusive tech that the one large "chip" on the board was all that needed replacing when they went bad. Thanks for reading. Take care, Ken
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