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  1. Thanks for your reply. i have a recovery disk, but when the information is loading, the 1802 error (image file is invalid or corrupted) is displayed. I can try with your recovery disk. Thanks in advanced for your help
  2. Hi friends My hard disk is crash and we need to recovery the windows 2000. I will aprecciated very much. luzavar@hotmail.com
  3. Hi friends, please somebody know if the ctp22 and ctp24 are compatible, is possible use the ctp 24 in a frontier 330. thanks in advanced for your help.
  4. Hi friends I need your help, our frontier 330, has the Error w-2110 followed by w-1427, the computer turns on after 3 minutes, gives 2 beeps. In the ctp22 d3 and d4 d5 LED is on, (d3 and d4 should be turned off?) anyone has experience with this problem. Thanks
  5. Thanks, please could you explain how to print manually. regards
  6. Thanks for your help, I need print 203mm x 350mm in digital format, but the c4 c5 ver 5.5 only allows me a maximum of 305mm. Is possible to extend the size to 350mm? Thanks again
  7. Hi friends, Somebody knows exactly the maximum advanced size for the frontier 390. Thanks in advnced for your help. Regards luzavar
  8. Thanks Please what version A1 and C2 i need to install FE software.
  9. Thanks for your gentil help, but please confirm me if FE software is compatible with my frontier 390. I don`t sure, becouse in the FE software brochure say "F390 models are not compatible with FE Software" I will be waiting for any help. Thanks
  10. Hi Friends I need to know which are the most appropriates softwares for my frontier 390. THanks in advanced for your help.
  11. Hola Quiero instalar un equipo frontier 390, alguien me puede guiar, cuantos software son necesario, yo tengo el c2 y tengo entendido que este software es muy antiguo. En realidad no estoy muy seguro cuantos softwares tiene fuji para este modelo de maquina Cual es conveniente para poder trabajar en windows XP. Agradezco de antemano cualquier ayuda. Saludos cordiales.
  12. Hola, has podido solucionar tu problema? Saludos
  13. We need to get a multi frame print for my noritsu 3011. Somebody help me? Thanks in advanced. luzavar@hotmail.com
  14. Please, anyone can help me. I have a multi-frame print creation V.2.0 for noritsu 2901 is possible use it in my 3011? Thanks in advances for any help.
  15. Beware. www.dcarriermexico.com they are scammers. Miguel Angel Lopez Soliz Edith Lopez Solis CARLOS JAVIER RUIZ AMEZCUA. Cuidado con estas personas Miguel Angel Lopez Soliz Edith Lopez Solis CARLOS JAVIER RUIZ AMEZCUA. Son estafadores.
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