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  1. Hey guys, I currently have qss 3001 v g001 and an older v6.0 profile. but i recently upgraded the pc in the3001, and need newer drivers(version g doenst want to recognise the arcnet card i think). Im willing to pay a small fee to get access to newer files K001 and the newest profile data for the 3001 Can anyone help me out?
  2. auslagger

    Noritsu 3001 Putting It Together

    Thanks Koda_service and Yustas
  3. Hi All, Recently our 3300 has had it (leaking everywhere, laser problems) So we bought a cheap second hand 3001. Got it freighted to us, but ... we are unsure of how the film scanner connects to the noritsu itself? they disconnected everything, and we have no idea how to connect it all back together (reading the qss3001_service_manual.pdf doesnt help either. it shows us all the parts but not how to connect it all together. on our 3300, the scanner cable goes into the back of the pc board(that also has optics) but the 3001, only has 1 plug that's already taken up... does the s-1200 scuzzi cables? fit somewhere else Can we bring over our s2 scanner to the 3001? can we just use the s2's scuzzi PCI card then?
  4. auslagger

    Kisok 8.0

    You could always try your local kodak distributer or http://www.logix-usa.com/KPK/ http://pfsny.com/ I'm more interested in finding out whats new. Can't find out any info on that or whether its worth buying. KPK V7 was hardly an upgrade. KPK V6 was definitely worth it up from v5.
  5. auslagger

    Speeding Up A G4 Kiosk

    hey mate it was lenovo 43C0064
  6. auslagger

    Upgrading A Kodak G4 V2.0 To 5.3

    you can get it off IPS independent photo supplies or APS Australian Photo Supplies in AUstralia
  7. auslagger

    Speeding Up A G4 Kiosk

    I upgraded the G4's (pentium 4) to G4x's by ordering newer core2duo mainboards (they are getting hard to find) u can find the g4 windows xp downloads somewhere in the forums, then the upgrade disks all teh way up to 7.1? will upgradfe the service packs i run 2gb of ram,coreduo e6700 - 2.4ghz havent upgraded the hard disks to SSD's. orders come through almost instantly,but its still slow... so my advice is find the lenovo ibm (computer equivalent in that sff size) mobtherboard,and just do it up. Unfortuantely they changed their formfactor and u cant get higher than core2duo in that sff lenovo machine (that sits underneath the kiosk itself) hope that helps
  8. Hi Guys, Was just wondering what needed to be done to get the 3300 series noritsu to have the order manager (just like my 3501). And how much would it be to get this solution/ is anybody offering it? Thanks in advance
  9. auslagger

    Prints Coming Out Dirt 3501Sm

    Well we cleaned out all the tanks etc. crossovers, drained everything. Is there a way to get into the dryer section and give the rollers in there a wipe?
  10. auslagger

    Help With My G4

    you are probably missing an enabler? For us nothing appears (we are non-DLS) but until i use the non-DLS enabler there are no options except for burn cd's. Take another look through your cd's and try find an enabler?
  11. auslagger

    Orange Coming Out As Browns?

    Yep thats the message water refiiling error - and yes our switch is dirty and a bit stuck. yeah thought the BF is the problem. Will talk to my manager about it tommorow!
  12. auslagger

    Orange Coming Out As Browns?

    Attached is the emulsion change data .
  13. auslagger

    Kpk7.0 Instagram Option Not Working

    yep.. mines stuck as well.. therse nothing to input... and no instagram patches either...? something wrong on kodak's end?
  14. auslagger

    Kpk 7.2 Update On Kpk7.1 Wont Work

    Hi Guys, I cant seem to get KPK v7.2 to install ive installed all teh 7.1 updates to 7.x may. but 7.2 keeps saying ti cant be installed on my g4x's
  15. auslagger

    Kpk V7.2 And Missing Attract Loops

    I have the same problem, but prefer no attract loops, makes the machines run faster