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  1. The same problem happened to me, thanks to this post I solved the problem quickly with almost zero cost: Suddenly my racks stopped rotating, the motor didn't move. I took out the motor cable, checked the motor with 9 volts and it was spinning, so I realized that I had the same problem with the tank board (the left board from behind). I unscrewed the board and spotted the faulty chip, it's on the top left of the board and has a black heatsink on it that stands out of the board and can be easily seen, the chip is a L4970A ST Microelectronics and can be found easily, it costs around 15-20 euros on ebay. I replaced this chip and I also replaced the Omron Relay (a transparent plastic chip nearby the L4970A) with a new one Omron 12V G2RL-1-E-12VDC 16A 250VAC (cost 3,50 euro) because my electrician suggested it would be better to do so. I mounted the board back, connected all the cables and everything works perfectly now! Thanks again for the help.
  2. Thank you. If I call the KIS technician to do a new PRNU will the problem be solved?
  3. Hello again. I have another issue with my DKS3: When I print a 10x15 multiple times each photo has slightly different color. The problem is more visible when I print b/w photos, for example I print a b/w photo x3 times and the first is a bit red the second is a bit green etc. Does anyone know what's wrong? Thanks
  4. Hello. I have a small problem: when I print 10x15 photos from the double cassette the length the photos the come out from the left side is 2mm bigger than the ones from the right side. How can I fix this? Thank you.
  5. I want a paper cassette and maybe some other parts, racks, rollers, leds etc.
  6. Great! I'll try it and inform you of the results!!
  7. Hello again. I'm experiencing a problem with the DKS3 sharpness: prints are soft. If I compare them with my thermal printer Kodak 305 the difference is huge. Is there a way to increase the sharpness easily? I studied the manual but It seemed a complicated procedure, can I do it by myself? I also tried playing with Sources.cst but if I increase sharpness I get black spots in my photos. Thanks
  8. sibi

    Dks 1710 Dryer

    Bringing life to an old topic: From where do I set the dryer temperature? I have found a value through SU, dryer/modify reference is that it? I'm having similar issues with wet photos a few times..
  9. Finally problem solved. It was the filter, I changed it and the pumps work normally
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