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  1. I want a paper cassette and maybe some other parts, racks, rollers, leds etc.
  2. Great! I'll try it and inform you of the results!!
  3. Hello again. I'm experiencing a problem with the DKS3 sharpness: prints are soft. If I compare them with my thermal printer Kodak 305 the difference is huge. Is there a way to increase the sharpness easily? I studied the manual but It seemed a complicated procedure, can I do it by myself? I also tried playing with Sources.cst but if I increase sharpness I get black spots in my photos. Thanks
  4. sibi

    Dks 1710 Dryer

    Bringing life to an old topic: From where do I set the dryer temperature? I have found a value through SU, dryer/modify reference is that it? I'm having similar issues with wet photos a few times..
  5. Finally problem solved. It was the filter, I changed it and the pumps work normally
  6. Thank you KenTen. I've ordered a new filter a few days ago and I'm waiting for it, I checked my filter and it seems clogged. If this doesn't work I'll try pskaro's solution.
  7. A little update for the centering: I did what pskaro suggested, WB prints to perfectly calibrate the centering. After merely 20 minutes of correcting the values from TransportPapier.ini I had perfect centering and at the same time perfectly balanced White Border on all papers!!!! Also I found what caused the Chemical Calibration message (so I won't need ptfb): Since my DKS2 every night when I turned off the machine I used to leave the dryer raised. In the morning when the machine powered on automatically there was no such message and the chemicals were warming up normally. I did the same procedure with my DKS3 but I got the Chemical Calibration message every morning. I realized that this message is caused from the raised dryer, If I leave the dryer closed the program starts normally in the morning without the chemical calibration message
  8. For the dongle issue the nerwork cable solution didn't work for me. Before upgrading the pc I didn't get the error. After the cpu upgrade and the upgrade from hdd to ssd every time I started the pc I got the dongle issue. I opened dongles.exe and the dongle was there so I realized that it was undetected from the dks program because of the increased loading speed. I used a startup delay application added 10sec delay to dks_scan.exe and the problem is gone!! I will try ptfb but I don't know if I'll succeed because sometimes the chemical calibration window is there and some other times its not. You have done a great job for supporting this forum members we really appreciate it. It's true the market is shrinking but there will always be someone to use these big amount printing machines!!
  9. I use this solution for years!!! I had my DKS2 connected to a weekly timer power socket and added auto logon for the DKS account so as to find it warm& ready every morning and don't spend power at night and protect the boards from continuous usage!! The same now with my DKS3, I made it to auto log on but because I have added to it an SSD and a Q6600 the program booted so fast that couldn't detect the dongle and I got the "Dongles are not in conformity" error every morning and chemicals weren't ready. I hade to add a startup timer delay of 10 seconds to dks_print.exe so as to fix that!! Now its almost perfect though some mornings I find the machine with a message of "chemical calibration" which also prevents the machine from warming up and I would love to disable! I also agree, testing it with WB would make the perfect adjustment, I will do it when I find some spare time.
  10. Pskaro I have no words to thank you. I was playing with the values for an hour and I managed to fix the problem. First I started changing the INT values of the angle but I realized that I was changing the angle of the right cassete. I managed to correct the angle by changing the [ANGLE_DEBITEUR] EXT (ext is the left cassette as you said in your 2nd post) from 0.0 to 0.11 (by increasing the value the frame rotates counter clockwise). I fixed the angle but still had a very slim straight white line. Then I increased both the PISTE_BACK_EXT and PISTE_FRONT_EXT values by 0.1 and this moved the frame to the right, so the white line is eliminated. This is the part of my TransportPapier.ini and the changes I made: [PHD2] PISTE_BACK_INT=12.460000 PISTE_BACK_EXT=8.200000 (I changed this to 9.000000) OFF_BACK=0.000000 PISTE_FRONT_INT=12.340000 PISTE_FRONT_EXT=8.000000 (I changed this to 9.000000) OFF_FRONT_INT=0.000000 OFF_BACK_INT=0.000000 OFF_FRONT_EXT=0.000000 OFF_BACK_EXT=0.000000 [ANGLE_DEBITEUR] INT=0.100000 EXT=0.000000 (I changed this to 0.110000) I'm so happy I finally fixed this! Again many many thanks!!!
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