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  1. Which component fails? Capacitors? Do you do repairs on the boards? What is cost to get one repaired?
  2. Here is some additional information on this problem. Really hoping for an answer or direction to resolve the problem. As advised, the problem appeared between consecutive prints- partial scans of thos are attached- with the 1st and 2nd ( before and after) prints. The second/after print also shows a clear demarcation of the start of the issue (scans are the left half of a 12x18in print)so it printed properly for the first 2 inches and then was in fault. So presumably this is either an MLVA problem itself, or a problem with something driving the MLVA. ......? I have discounted the colorimeter as a cause and logically, didnt consider chemistry as a direct factor given the nature of the onset For the record, the tank mixes of dev, blx and first 2 stabs are all now fresh and new- last few days. The 16,17,18 strips came back a little (we do a manual replenish weekly to compensate for low volume so presumably have been over-replenishing that!) The MLVA lamp is new I did swap over the the MLVA drive voltage PCB with a spare board I have but no change- though could be problematic I guess. The MLVA head has been cleaned Paper setups have been run as new paper, and assigned to a different cassete. We get the 6088-0024 error on performing daily uniformity correction The #1 strip on 18 strip test appears to have a slight green tinge (as do others but less noticeable- see earlier file upload) If I print something as monochrome the posterisation problem is not apparent, however the prints (dark colors espec) are a little red/muddy as a monochrome. Gain adjustment completes satisfactorily. When I tried to enter Exposure Image Correction afterwards, I got the 6029-0003 MLVA auto gain execution error flash up but was able to print Load Voltage adjustment completed without error- values dropped from 600+ to 400+/- , and the bias voltage dropped to from 137,79,0 to 0,0,0 Tried to do #1 and #2 test prints after above and before a daily or weekly setup and the prints were yellow/light orange. Then weekly setup- 18 step similar (yellow/orange) - warned of 3 stop correction- but then profile print looked okay-ish though the black print was very 'muddy'. Uniformity not good at this point and not performed through the following steps. Ran weekly setup again- 18 step print red toned this time but more density- Got the 1034 MLVA light intensity is low msge- Execute Correction? Ran weekly setup again - 18 step density iproving though a colour range from left to right- bit more green to the right side. Got a 1034 MLVA light intensity is low msge- Execute Correction? This process is being repeated at time of posting!!!! For some history, this MLVA head was installed about 5 yrs ago but to my recollection there was no initialisation done and we didnt have the MLVA data disks for this head (second hand machine). We re-set up at the time as it was less than 24hrs from me going overseas for a month. It has largely been okay until now. Athough looking back comparing daily setups to some preserved setups from the original MLVA head (with original data) this head may not have had the clean neutral #1 strip that the original did. Should/could a data initialisation help? What is required and what is the process to perform this?. What if I dont have the original MLVA data for this head- can data from a different head be used? Is it likely a PCB or the actual MLVA head itself? I have another s/h MLVA I have been holding in reserve pending a clear failure, but this is nothing like how my first head failed so i am unsure? Does this information help or point to something? Thanks in anticipation.
  3. Is that the board that is part of the MLVA or another? Which board number?
  4. Have tried suggestions- new tank bleach and first 2 stabilisers new also. Gain adjustment done- not clear as to how to adjust the gain value though. Ran load voltage also Daily setup below- bit of a green tinge though white is clean at the ends. It was true that the posterization appeared from one print to the next on a multi print order. Should I replace the Dev next and do a full paper setup from scratch.........?
  5. Good evening- I recently experienced a sudden appearance of posterization onto our prints (from 1 print of an image being perfect- next consecutive print of the same image is posterized). We re-ran the daily setup, uniformity etc. No change. Ran the MLVA voltage adjustment- no bias shown and prints went yellow. We then changed lamp, and the color came back to near normal over a few setup prints and the printer balanced, but the posterization continues. The printer has the Image Processing board with RAM on the board- not on daughter board We have been having intermittant ARCNET errors for a little while. No errors appearing lately. Mosly the problem is apparent in light tones, but is also visible in darker areas where there is gradual changes in the contrast.....??contrast problem Have now restored a backup- done MLVA lamp change balance and balance fine, but we get a uniformity error 6088-0026 but no reference for this in my service manual. Where do I start looking for a solution to this problem? Examples attached Many thanks in advance
  6. Apologies for late response- had to go into isolation and away from the machine........ Is the 32/37 belt an exact fit or a "will do " alternative?? I guess as long as it works reliably. Will try the local distributor here . Many thanks
  7. Does anyone have, or know where I can source a sorter unit belt for a QSS 2901 ? Noritsu part # A051203-01 PReferrably new, but good used will suffice. Thanks in advance kodakman7
  8. My machine has suddenly thrown up this error. We have had this previously and seemed to be the zigi zag sensors and has been good since. At that time there was some vibration and shuddering associated with the error. This timeis all smmoth. Have replaced it with another working exposure unit and still have the same error. Have viewed it with door open- paper transports left to right, releases the paper from transport and then the error alarms. The Arm stays on the right side and the paper is loose and doesnt advance. Could it be an issue with the transport deck? I have another transport deck with a faulty sensor to swap parts out, and 3x exposure units- 1 definitely with a faulty zig zag sensor and 2 ok (or were until yesterday)...... Can someone shed some light on this? Many thanks Russell
  9. The boss changed the lamps on the scanner and MLVA at the end of the day on Tuesday, the next morning on startup, doing the normal Daily setup, the color of the daily setups is way out. The black have an absolute blue cast, and the MLVA values show the Yellow on the higher density strips as reading around 1- 1.0, way below the M & C values of 2.2- 2.3 etc. We have tried another lamp, performed the lamp change setup, done a full paper setup, restored backups, done the Load voltage adjustment, checked the process control, reconfirmed the calibration card data, calibrated the colorimeter etc etc. Have cleaned and checked dichroics in MLVA lamphouse also........ We cannot print so we are desperate for some assistance. Any ideas on where to start? Thanks in anticipation Nikki
  10. Hi yes I have had the same problems with VC- green tinge to blacks etc. I am running a 2901- loved the old Supra- but VC has been a pain. Apparently the data was in Profile 7.08 or around that version but has been omitted from later profiles. I have a beta profile version from Kodak which is a huge improvement over V7.01 which I had and V7.11 which doesnt have the data- it is emulsion #153 in the profile data. Apparently as someone else noted, it will be all caught up in a version 8 profile.
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