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  1. Hi, I´am Martín from Argentina, having some troubles with the DC power supply, in this case, alpha 400 module... the first solution was clean all de internal circuit boards, but some ramdom problems persist. This is a non-common switching power supply, and if anyone have a internal circuit diagrams and share, i would appreciate. Thanks in avdance ! Martín.-
  2. If anyone have the internal wiring diagrams of alpha 400 / 600 , I would appreciate if you share with me
  3. Sorry, I´am completly crazy, I have a LP2000SC ..... the power supply have 2 internal modules, Alpha 400 (start first) and alpha 600 start when voltages from alpha 400 are OK.-
  4. Hi, I have a SP1500 and I remember some similar problem. A strange power supply faulty not output a good +5V and then CTP20 can´t continue the start up procedure. First, I check all the output voltages in conectors in the power supply without disconect anything. I found +5v and +24v flutuating. Mayby this help you. Martín.-
  5. Hi, I start to check DC power supply for stripes in all prints The DC power supply are two diferents blocks, 400W + 600W and a complex electric schematic, some voltage referenced to ground, another voltage floating, etc etc etc The first rare measurement are bettwen 24.4DCV referenced to ground and 24.4DCV floating (i think referenced to neutral), I measure 0,5 DCV. Maybe a unbalanced neutral (2 wire) ??? Anyone with knowledge about this power supply ??? Thanks
  6. Ok, resuming : --Stripes appear time to time, then appear in all prints and error e2529 appear ... --I disconect and reconect all boards, and 4 weeks (yes, four), one day the stripes and error disapear (in this days i think the solution was a check of power supply done by power supply provider) --normally print about 5 weeks (some stripes time to time, really a few) --again, stripes in a 90% of prints, error e-2529 ..... (may 4) --still trying to find a solution ... -- in all cases the stripes are not in 100% of prints, some few prints results ok. also varies lenght and place into paper -- for my is rare the goor working period of 5 weeks between fails ... --change to 3 fase power supply to discard power problem, no change --open, cleaning power supply of printer, check al voltage without power and with power (just a voltimeter, not oscilloscope) and everything ok --power off sp 2000 and print calibration cart and grids from printer keyboard : stripes in both (grid stored in fmb20 -ram-, calibration not stored in fmb20 -ram-), then discard fmb20 problem some ideas : flat cable between clp20 and fmc20 ? some other cable ? some pump or electric-valve or motor with ground problems ? coax cable no so god ? what else ? thanks in advance, Martin ...
  7. Finally was the most common error, no check chemistry. was chemistry problem (p1), but I didnt touch or change anything !, just leave the printer on all night long... well, solved, the image go back BUT, I cant print because the stripes and error 2529 continues ... For avoid duplicate thread, i paste link to original : http://www.minilabhelp.com/forum/Blah.pl?m-1330785564/s-7/highlight-2529/#num7
  8. I trying to see for paper stuck but i cant see anything About shutter, The operation from maintenance menu is normal, operates and indicate open and close normally... I read service manual and ctl20 (i am not shure) check the opening and try 3 times before give a error, i dont have error, then i think that the shutter is normal... Thanks
  9. apologies for my english two month ago i have a problem about error 2529 sos detection failed and a lot of stripes in photos... the problem solve with a check of conection outside of my laboratory from electrical supply provider... Then a week ago, the problems is back... whitout solution checking electrical supply... yesterday i leave all the equipment on, dont switched off, today all copies are blank, just white !!! no errors, nothing !!! I restart all equipment but the copies still blank !!! Any ideas ? Thanks
  10. Hi, weeks ago I posted an E-2529 SOS error ... and posted photos abuot that seems critic error about aoms drivers or laser unit I am in panic state about costs and time out of service (i reside in Argentina) But... checking and reconecting conectors, cables and circuit boards, the undesired e-2925 disappear ..... and for one night the lines disapear too ! I think in a some circuit board too hot, but in a same day "touching" and restarting time over time, the stripes changes ... weeks ago all photos are with 100% of stripes... now some photos are perfect, others with 1 stripe, 30% of stripes, etc etc etc, but not more 100% of stripes ... I check and reconect ground of equipment, ground of scanner, isolation of firewire in both ends, but stripes go on... Can anybody helpme about procedures to check noise, isolation problems, and something like that ? Thanks in advance Martín
  11. Hi, apologies for my english, my laser unit is death I opened the bigger of three covers (the one with three holes for coaxial cables from AOMs drivers) I found dust there (remember the three holes), and i try to found who of 3 AOMs is dead, (i get a error E-2529 star of scanning). My plan is swap R-AOM with G-AOM. I discover two plates with 2 screws in each AOM, the lower for calibration the upper to atach. Can swap AOM releasing the upper screws of each one ? Thanks Martin.-
  12. Thanks to your response Eugene ! First you need to do: 1.Check the position of the mirror. If this look well and firmly fixed in its position go next: ME : The mirror is a triangular rotating mirror inside of laser unit ??? oook, i try to check this 2. Swap RED AOM driver with to GREEN AOM driver. Such way you will find out if your R AOM driver working or not. If you swapped it and have no error - your R AOM driver is defective and needs to be replaced. ME : i swap R and G and the stripes continues and the error 2529 too Then, i have a question : Having swap the drivers R and G and no changes, I check the mirror or finally is a laser unit fault ??? Wath you think about the white area in the last example ? Thanks in advance Martin.-
  13. Ok, i switch RAMs again but without diferent results... I start with just one RAM and the strips continue... I dont have other RAMs to replace old with news... Now, sometimes, apear a new problem, a part of paper apear blank (show example) ... and i suspect in a mechanical problem. wath you think ? There is my only printer, and there is no many without printer...
  14. photothaibaoui : I cleaned and switched RAMs in printer, but the results dont change, you think in RAM of CPU in scanner ??? bagirov ; I hace scanner SP2000, you ask about this ? please tellme how and wath check in the scanner. Thanks
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