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  1. That would be nice. Are there any settings for it to print at 4x6. When it prints a 4x6 it doesn't seem to adjust the dpi for a 4x6 and the color settings when printed are not the same as the original image. ? It sounds like it's ignoring the original image settings. Is there an overide or auto adjust? Any suggestions? Thanks,
  2. Thanks everyone. Initial ink filling done. success!. print check is good. Now to fine tune the printing. When i print 12x16 i have nice resolution on the print, but it seems very grainy when i print them as 4x6. Sorry if this seems so basic to you pro's. i'm a newbe to the printing side of photography. Any suggestions for getting the best prints out of this machine. is there a series of adjustments that i could do through function check? Thanks again!
  3. The Function Check is not selectable. It looks like I may need to enter a password in order to select this option, I dont have it. Any way of getting around this problem? Thanks.
  4. I bought a used dDP411 that was taken down and had its lines emptied by a Noritsu tech. I managed to set it up but there is no ink flowing. The print check comes out blank. Does anyone know how the initial ink filling is done? thanks.
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