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  1. Hello Does anyone have the parts manual for a QSS 37 series minilab. I have the service manual. I just need the parts manual. Thank you
  2. Hello Kodak Service, I have scanned the image of the banding I noticed that the banding occurs every 45mm and 55mm and repeats throughout the print. The banding also starts at different places, but is always 45mm and 55mm apart. You can download the image from the link below http://i57.tinypic.com/o0crch.jpg
  3. A specialist is willing to attempt a repair on the exposure advance unit. The inner belt is a must. What about bearings or anything else? Can anyone tell me the part numbers I will need to order from Noritsu to repair this problem? Thank you guys
  4. I understand, thank you for your help. I do have one more question though. What tools are required? What did you use to remove the bearing? What did you use to put the bearing back into place? Thank you
  5. I can get a hold of a Noritsu specialist to make the repair, but I would probably have to provide the tools. I guess that a bearing puller can get the bearing off. But how would I press the bearing back onto the shaft? Any help you could provide me with is greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello Kodak_service, How did you go about changing the internal belt? I assume it is difficult because from what I see on the unit, it would require to have the bearings pulled.
  7. Hey Mike Costa here ;-) The AOMs are interchangeable. So I assume you are having a problem with color shifting. So swap all the wires to a different AOM and run you lab. If you get a different color shit (or error message), then you can isolate your bad AOM. Hope this helps! Costa
  8. Hello everyone, I have a Noritsu 3702 that is showing signs of slight banding. The problem is related to the exposure advance unit 1. This unit has 2 "yellow" belts located at the back end of the machine. It has one outside belt that can be replaced, and one inside belt that can not be replaced (as I was told by a Noritsu Tech) The problem is this inside belt. It has worn and frayed and must be replaced. But the belt can not be accessed because there is a press fit bearing in the way. In other words, it has been installed by Noritsu at the factory in Japan. So the whole unit must be replaced for $7000 instead of replacing this $40 failing belt. Do I have any alternatives? Has anyone had this issue before? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  9. I have the new calibration plate that is never supposed to be replaced (the new metal one) and it is only 1 year old. It looks clean. I did the plate update again and nothing changed. I did paper setup all over again and all the papers look different...some neutral, some magenta and the correction values it makes don't seem like the right ones. I suspect the colorimeter.
  10. Hello all I recently had to replace my AOM on my QSS 3702 because my prints were all magenta. The problem was fixed, but I have been noticing some color shifts on my prints from neutral to magenta. Also I see shifts in emulsion change papers. Sometimes they look neutral and sometimes more magenta, but they always register ok with minimal correction values I was looking at my daily setup history, and noticed something strange. One day on the 15th step the dmax of the daily setup registered 3.10 / 3.98 / 3.89. The next day the 15th step was registered at 2.64 / 2.88 / 3.20. I don't think this huge jump is normal. Could this be related to my shifting of colors? Thanks for the help
  11. In the new software version, under paper specification/registration, there is a new option called highlite balance adjustment as well as the old black balance adjustment. You will be very pleased with the results once you run highlite adjustement
  12. Hi Everyone, I just found out that Kodak will be replacing Kodak Endura VC Paper with Kodak Endura Premier paper. Does anyone have any feedback/comments using this paper on a Noritsu QSS 37 series machine or anything similar? Can we use this paper as VC paper or do we have to get new profile data from Noritsu? I am expecting to get some paper to test in the next day or two. In the meantime any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Yikes, no that is not banding as I suggested. Wrong direction and thickness all together. For anyone that has more experience with MLVA, could his problem be related to one of the fiber optic cables leading from the lamp to the mlva head?
  14. The scanner itself can be a big problem when it comes to uniformity. I suggest you remove the scanner glass and clean the underneith of the glass. A second suggestion is to set the scanner software to "revise more" for 1 or 2 passes, then set it back to normal and do uniformity a few times until the problem goes away. I hope this helps. Cheers! Costa
  15. The good news is, you do not need to replace your MLVA. You have a banding problem. This is caused by paper not traveling smoothly through the different sections/rollers. An "invisible line" will appear perpendicular to the paper travel. You must call a tech to make some adjustements in your advance unit depending on the size and position of the banding. I hope this helps. Cheers! Costa
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