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  1. Can you help me? I have new kiosk order-it lite 9.6.x, and I have an old kiosk order it 6.6.2 and old one is connected to my fuji 570 using lios connection from print it. But new one is problem. In print it I add all as I did on my old order it 6.6.2, but when I try to send order on my fmpc I have error something like access denied and I am not reciving any orders on my fmpc. Thank you for help.
  2. simic0000

    Kodak Kpk V6.0

    Who can help me find kodak KPK v6.o software. I need it because of my HDD crashed, and I do not have copy of software, and ghosts. Please help me if you can. Thank you.
  3. Can you tell me how to update order it 6.4.5 to 8.4.5. software?? Is there software update to download or does anybody have ghost image of that new software???
  4. I am also interasted in this question, so anybody knows what is best please help. And how to enable it woork well. THX
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