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  1. just like you said before, the error comes before the paper enter colorimeter, so i believe the error comes out during the plate calibration. When you're replace calibration plate, make sure you are also update the data from the disk. what i had was error during measurement, and turns out the paper sliiping during measurement, i change all roller inside colorimeter fixed it
  2. oh wait, i miss the picture you've attached, your problem is with the plate , try cleaning plate, and densitometer, maybe some dust blocked the reading , try to blow it up .
  3. worth to check is paper movement, i had this problem before, plate is new turns out the paper is slipping inside densitometer, so the the densitometer measure the wrong coloumn,sometime it's failed to pull the paper
  4. Just sell that 550 and find Noritsu with RA Chem....
  5. maybe some air trap inside ink line, it'w not common both heads lost all channel at the same time
  6. Horisontal banding remedial according to the service manual There is something wrong with paper feeding. 1. Check the PF Scale for scratch and contamination. 2. Replace the SMAP Roller with a new one if any contamination or scratch is found. (P. 151) 1. Replace the Paper Feed Encoder Sensor if any abnormality is found. (P. 160) 1. Perform the Motor Measurement (PF Motor). (P. 263) 2. Perform the PF Adjustment. (P. 255) 3. Replace the PF Motor with a new one. (P. 190) The Print Head has not been adjusted properly. Perform the Head Inclination Adjustment. (P. 224) If the banding occurs soon after replacing the Head Data Controller Board, the parameter settings of the NVRAM may be incorrect. Write parameters stored in the NVRAM on the previous board into the NVRAM on the new board. The Print Head has a defect. Replace the Print Head with a new one. (P. 115) The Main Board has a defect. Replace the Main Board with a new one. (P. 102)
  7. is it me or maybe i see you black streak overlapping in every colour pattern ? look closely et the yellow and magenta
  8. is this vertical banding ?perform Bi-d Adjusment, perform motor measurement, or maybe bad CR Motor
  9. only first print. he got black line on the left side of the back
  10. My friend have fuji DX100, every morning when he did nozzle check . black always comes weird. I know it's not clogged because after few prints, it back normal. he print everyday about 50 8x10 per day,my question is, what cause this problem ? he did clean capping unit, wiper unit but after few days it back again
  11. Check PC Motherboard, check all Motherboard Caps, i had similar problem long time ago, all PSU's are OK, turns out it was bad motherboard, one capasitor near CPU was leaking, it was hard to find similar motherboard, but thankfully, the capasitor is similar to any motherboard, i replaced the capsitor and it was working
  12. well as long the adjusment is correct, you'll see no difference with Noritsu scanner, actually, it's really good scanner, but maybe you'll miss some software update compare to Noritsu
  13. on the good day, i think SP3000 more superior than any of Konica/Noritsu Scanner because the system is different, for example if you have a dot of dust, on Noritsu/Konica it will scan as line for a whole negative, because of negative movement, but on SP3000, a dot of dust is a dot on scanning result. BUT Finding a sp3000 at their good condition is almost imposible,more PCB, complicated scanning system will give you headche if something is wrong. Noritsu is safe option in my opinion
  14. sir, leave me your email address so I can ask the double side QSS-32 equipment supplying company to contact you 

    which country are you from ?             David Lam,   davidlam@sinopromise.com, Hong Kong

  15. I've seen on youtube, Noritsu 32(maybe 37) that can print double sided, anyone knows about this ? and who made double side silver halide paper.. thanks
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