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  1. paper i use Fujifilm for drylab or EP Media, i know it's roll, so i have to cut 4x6, 5x7, 6x8....but my employee did this, so no extra cost, and i use Philips infraphil lamp for heater
  2. to replace those horrible machine, i use canon pro wide format, canon gives me a lifetime printhead warranty, and 5 stars tech support, for smaller size i use epson l805, i use epson d700's ink, i put that to the l805 ink tank, so far so good, it's been almost 20k prints and no problems... i know it's a hard work to prints compare to using order controller, but it's worth the money, for my other shop that has big order daily , i still use wetlab
  3. here, in my country INDONESIA, if your catridge holder or also known as ink house failed, you need to replace your printhead too, they (epson) sell it as package deal which is not deal at all...i replaced my PH before, after two months the ink was leaking, they said ink house needs to be replaced....so i must bought the ink house and ph as a package.... why they sell like this ? because it needs almost 6 months to get this part, with taht long periode the printer is not printing they assumed that print head will fail... that's why i've done with epson and fujifilm...
  4. i have epson d700,dx100, and wetlab....so many problems with that system,the newest was,my drylab was leaking , and with that leak i have to replace printhead, although what's broken was the ink house,not related to theprinthead...why i need a new PH ? because they dont have inkhouse on stock, and i need to wait almost half a year,and with time periode printer off, the PH is failed. Imagine this, you know DJI's drones ? for examples DJI Inspire or Phantom Wetlab,Drylab like Noritsu Green Series is just like DJI's drones, theyare for professional or at least for adult. And Imagine Chinese toy drone,Epson d700, Fujifilm DX100, DE100,d3000,dl600 they are just like toy drone, they will break surely and fast... So my advice is,dont replace your frontier 500 toDE100, it's a huge setback, find another way to increase your order. Or.....You can purchase Epson L1800, put epson d700/fujifilm inks to the tank, and you'll get a cheap drylab with high quality prints, if the printer broke,just toss it to the garbage and get another one....the downside is, maybe needs hardwork to prints because you cant use order controller, but not a big deal if your prints is low on volume
  5. i've been this problem (not exactly, but similar) after i printed more than 1.000 prints 8x10 in single order, after jobs completed i turn off the printer. next morning, i did nozzle check, the result was similar , black nozzle overlay on others color. i turn off the printer, cleaned wiper blade, all ruber arround the pad next to wiper blade (i dont know what it's call), i use windex win cutton bud. after that, the nozzle check much better but not perfect, i saw 1-2 black dot overlaying other color. i repeat what i did, and it's perfect. it's worth to try, you dont have to waste a lot expensive ink, or overheated the print head.
  6. i changed PS1 water everyday, and changed PS2 water every 2 days because i want to get perfectly white stain on paper, clean all racks,crossovers every 6 days, i dont use internal overflow tank, i connected all overflow piping to outside the lab. i know it is alot things to do, but that is what employees for? and for my drylab, i clean wiper blades every 6 days
  7. purnomosetiawan

    Paper jam

    try to check all racks movement, see if there is a erratic movement, and measue the dry to dry time, see if it's still within allowed range.
  8. i have serial number OC, i got it when i bought the printer, and i didnt pay a dime,Epson just give it to anyone who buy the printer....but still it doesnt feel right to share with anyone, i dont want any problem in the future with epson. I dont understand why at some country you needs to pay extra after spend a lot a money for a printer.... not only this kind a printer, when i bought noritsu or fujifilm minilab in the past, i get all the software including all optional for free, like QSS Kids,passport size etc, all comes with hard copy so it was legit
  9. i would not worry about laser life, but i would worry about parts avaibility for Fujifilm, They newset minilab (made by Fujifilm not Noritsu made) was 10 years ago, here in Indonesia Fujifilm office not more big as coffeshop...
  10. i already sent you maintenance software (for d700) on the dm before...i give it for you for free
  11. purnomosetiawan

    MS01 license

    well if a minilab manufactured 10 yrs ago and store, will it good for the electronics? like capacitor dried out etc ?
  12. purnomosetiawan

    MS01 license

    i almost buy a "new" Frontier 550r, but before i buy, i've asked this forum, and knowing that Fujifilm Frontier 550r is 10 yr old technology, but Fujifilm Indonesia still offer it as a new minilab. I've heard a guy who new in photofinishing just bought 5 "new" Frontier 550r from Fujifilm Indonesia (more 100k us dollar per piece)...i just laugh to hear that..what a poor man being "scammed" like that
  13. How to handle silver halide waste properly without harming the environment ? i know some lab sells their waste because you can find a silver on those waste, but i dont feel it's right to do...how you guys handle this waste ?
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