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  1. sir, leave me your email address so I can ask the double side QSS-32 equipment supplying company to contact you 

    which country are you from ?             David Lam,   davidlam@sinopromise.com, Hong Kong

  2. I've seen on youtube, Noritsu 32(maybe 37) that can print double sided, anyone knows about this ? and who made double side silver halide paper.. thanks
  3. Indonesia Fujifilm (Photo finishing dept) is almost dead in here
  4. yes DE 100 is more reliable, it's made by Ricoh but with Fuji less dealer compare to epson, it will pain in the arse to maintance it, also more expensive, here epson d700/d800 inks cost only US$ 35, and thats the original ink,and paper getting cheaper and cheaper , D700 PH only $250, that's we buy from epson service centre i still recomanded epson, Fuji photo finishing dept is going to grave, why jump to their train. As far i know for wet lab there's no brainer you choose Noritsu, for Drylab you go with epson, and for large format i prefer Canon, because here in my country they offer lifetime PH warranty
  5. Stop doing PH clean, it will destroyed your PH, that's not clogg, that's air trap inside ink line, clean the dumping pad with windex until the pad become white, turn off the printer, and let the PH rest over the pad for overnight...Amonia from the Windex will do the job..i learnt my lesson very expensive way, deep cleaning on Fuji dx100 will destroy the PH because they are manufacture with a cheap way.
  6. replace pump bearing
  7. change monitor resolution or dont use wide monitor
  8. use ping pong balls not as many as original floating balls because it's bigger but it will do the job
  9. on the second picture, i belive there should be other gear or tensioner in the middle, but from your picture there is only shaft thats why the chain doesnt connected to the gear
  10. do you mind send me 1, fotogajah11@gmail.com , many thanks b4
  11. -Check if there is blown fuse on Proc.Control PCB (F15 if i'm not mistake) -check power supply (24v) -Check serial cable on colorimeter -check proc. control pcb -check colorimeter itself
  12. i just dont get it, if you put that paper into control strip hole, how did you know it was a laser ? the paper didnt get through exposure section
  13. try find at the epson dealers, find for d700, they are the same
  14. how about nozzle check ? is it fine ? Does the line only appear in the end of print ?
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