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  1. i would not worry about laser life, but i would worry about parts avaibility for Fujifilm, They newset minilab (made by Fujifilm not Noritsu made) was 10 years ago, here in Indonesia Fujifilm office not more big as coffeshop...
  2. i already sent you maintenance software (for d700) on the dm before...i give it for you for free
  3. purnomosetiawan

    MS01 license

    well if a minilab manufactured 10 yrs ago and store, will it good for the electronics? like capacitor dried out etc ?
  4. purnomosetiawan

    MS01 license

    i almost buy a "new" Frontier 550r, but before i buy, i've asked this forum, and knowing that Fujifilm Frontier 550r is 10 yr old technology, but Fujifilm Indonesia still offer it as a new minilab. I've heard a guy who new in photofinishing just bought 5 "new" Frontier 550r from Fujifilm Indonesia (more 100k us dollar per piece)...i just laugh to hear that..what a poor man being "scammed" like that
  5. How to handle silver halide waste properly without harming the environment ? i know some lab sells their waste because you can find a silver on those waste, but i dont feel it's right to do...how you guys handle this waste ?
  6. i think you can use dx100 with epson OC but you have to use epson's ink
  7. i had this problem before with 340, and the solution is throw away that crappy Fujifilm minilab get a real minilab like noritsu
  8. Well, i asked to Fujifilm Indonesia Tech Support, can i buy Fujifim DX100 ink house for Epson Surelab d700, he said, it cant be done because they are different printers...well i guess Fujifilm Indonesia tech not that smart huh....
  9. well, my yellow ink was leaking yesterday, epson service centre also sell inkhouse and printhead as a package deal , they said because it needs a months to order the leaking parts, so if the printer do nothing at that periode of time, the print head is fails
  10. does Frontier DX100 and D700 can switch parts? PH, inkhouse, electronic etc ?
  11. what is the difference between Frontier 550/570 and 550R/570R, i'm planning to get a new minilab, in here Fujifilm stops selling Noritsu made minilab, but they offer a brand new 550R/570R and drylab.
  12. Does the error come right after you turn on the printer ? Check cutter section if it's so, the cutter failed to initialize, usually after we turn on the printer, the cutter move, if the cutter failed, the printer intial proccess is stop and state error with all leds on
  13. as long you have the product key, you can download it here http://tech.epson.com.au/downloads/category.asp
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