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  1. i clean it once a month, clean all pad, rubber arround pad and wiper blade, use q tip or printer cleaner tip, drop the solution with pipet or syringe, i prefer pipet (you can get it from drugstore) to release PH u canuse maintenance software or with harsh way, do Automatic Nozzle Check, when the PH move to the other side, unplug the power cable
  2. the pink side, where the PH rest while printer is off, just drop it with PH cleaner or diluted windex, drop it until it's white..don't forget to clean the wiper blade.
  3. actually. dx100 or sld700 is very robust printer....the secret are, always clean that dumping pad (i don't know what is name), the pad where PH rested, always keeps that clean, and never use power clean more than once. i've seen a lot Sld700 PH last more than 50k prints, and one customer never had to do any cleaning in a year..yes some parts are cheap and easyli dails, but again,they are cheap and easy to find and replace...keeping printer always on ? thst's a bad idea i think, ours always turn off every day and turn it on again the next day and it's fine
  4. DE100 uses 4 inks, but here ink price per catridge is double than D700/d800 inks, again why it's expensive because again here Fujifilm is tiny company compare to epson, they needs more money from less user,compare to epson that has more user and more avaibility, OEM consumable parts and media also available at third party store, but usually they're more expensive than ESC (because they ordered it there too). Which one is better ? it doesn't matter as long your consumer accepted it, at the end of day we needs to make money from theese printer. so the questions is, which one is cheeper to run ? In my experience, Maybe Epson D700/d800 is more unriable compared to "industrial" DE100, but our investment for theese printer is cheap, it pays by end of first month of use (before covid 19 of course), so we have another 23 months to slave this printer under epson warranty (yes epson offers 2yrs warranty with extended guarentee) just like for the large prints, we use canon instead of epson, why ? because canon offers lifetime warranty as long using OEM inks, yes life time warranty for Pro Printer include Print Head. i don't care which brand is better quality, as long as our customer accept it and resonable to run, we use it..that's why our Frontier 340 is a huge paper weight at the warehouse because lack of their support and software update, so our cutomers didn't like the result from newest paper compare to Noritsu machines.
  5. They said DE100 PH can achieve 200k before needs replacement, but i doubt that, same as when they said D700 can achieve 100k or d800 can double than that i never believe it.....But here in my country, D700 PH is very cheap , around $200 after tax, that's from ESC Epson Service Centre, put another $25 if you want them to install it....but here Fujifilm is just small business, they don't have factory, they don't have office in every province, so they needs to made money from everything ehat they charge from their customers. My friend have DE100, and PH cost is almost half of the printer itself....at the end of day, we need to made money, so for me using "unreliable" epson printer is better choice than Ricoh's product thanks to Epson great support. did i forget to mention, that Epson gives you free Order Controller software , and here Fujifilm charged u more money if you want Fujifilm Order Software ( i forget what it's name, last time we use Fujifilm, it called FE Software)
  6. Here in Indonesia, even with covid19 fiasco, we're still printing 2000 prints a day !on monday, we can prints double than that, use 37 and 38 both machines needs to works 8 hours..so 15k prints a weeks, sounds acceptable...BUT, here we sell prints very cheap, maybe US$ 0.10 per 4x6 size, so at the end of day we don't made fair money compare to our investment. I'm agree photo finishing business is dead, that's why our photo finishing money is gas money, our main revenues are from digital printing like books, banner etc.
  7. well that Fujifilm story is good lulaby, the nearest Fujifilm office from my shop is 200 km away, and that's tiny office, no warehouse etc, if you need something from them, than yo can't depend on them, and they will rip you off. I have shop from my father who was worked at Fujifim as tech since Fujifilm use Noritsu System 1, and he said and quoted "i'll never buy Fujifilm machines again"
  8. for drylab, betwen Fuji or Epson, that's depend what kind of support is available on your area, in my place Indonesia (not far from Australia), Fujifilm support is very difficult and expensive, but Epson they have factory here, and thousands of Epson Service Centre,so with epson i feel more comfortable, all consumable easy to find , i don't need to stock too many papers and inks, i can buy it instanly, and within hours it will arrived, but with Fuji, consumable is very difficult, if you order something from them, it takes days sometimes weeks to arrived, and more expensive than Epson.
  9. agreed, but i had this problem before, just like what he said, when i pulled the left over paper, it's stuck on something,and the paper tear apart, it's looks like the cutter doesnt back to the position perfectly, and when i pulled the paper it damaged something, so when i inserted new paper, the cutter didnt initial perfectly and gives fatal error code, i superglued something that broken and it back to normal...
  10. Check Cutter section, if cutter initial failed it will get you all light on...
  11. did the paper feels damage ?
  12. yeah but sadly, service and support is the most important thing for your business, you dont want to buy expensive printer without proper support, just like many my friends who did bought DX100, now that printer is discontinued, many of them convert it to epson by replacing printers mainboard, and use epson inks..
  13. i;m sorry but the safest way to clean dirt inside is to open the laser unit, maybe this can help http://minilab.com.ua/en/repair/noritsu_laser_unit_cleaning/
  14. Well, that's depend on where're you live, i used to be Fujifilm shop since 1995, even my father was Fujifilm tech since 1970, we use all Fujifilm minilab, from FA series, to SFA series and now Frontier series, but since Frontier fujilm just like stop developing, their software is good but the latest update was years ago, compare to Noritsu, the EZ software has last years updated. So Our Fujifilm Frontier now uses Noritsu EZ Software since they're the same. Now talking about inkjet, i agree epson printer not last that long, but they're cheap to maintenance. Here in my country Fujifilm support is very pathetic, small office, not available at all cities, and slow respond , compare to epson, here in my country Epson has factory with 15.000 employees, service centre at almost all cities, and resonable parts prices...that nothing compare fujifilm that only has small office .
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