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  1. Once again this problem, we tried another autofilm carrier from another SP 2500 and it is exactly the same problem - so i guess the failure is not in carrier. Does anybody has an idea? we are looking forward to any kind of answer!!! Thanks a lot and kind regards Michael
  2. Once again to get it more clearly: othis examples you have the original scan, borders are visible on the left side at any time, as said above it seems as if scanning stops too late or film is transported too far. I already cleaned any part in light path of carrier and scanner-head. And it is getting more worse during the last two weeks. Thank you very much for help!! Michael
  3. here is an example, on the right side you cam see a small uneven black border, but the image is rotated 180 degrees because we are scanning all films from the end. So in the original scan the border is on the left side, as if scanning stops too late or film is transported too far. kind regards Michael
  4. Hi everybody, we have got a problem with SP 2500, when scanning uncutted negativ-films with the automatic film carrier, sometimes in scans the bars are visible - what i mean is the space between the pictures, that can be seen as black borders in scans (sorry for my bad english) but it is visible only sometimes on several prints, sometimes nothing, it is not possible to try it out because it is incalculable if the bars apear or not. We are scanning about 100 to 200 Films a day, and it is obviously independent to the kind of film or something. Until now i tried cleaning any part in the light source, the carrier, the scanner-head , i mean the whole path light takes in scanner, also the rollers, sensors and the masks, diffusion-plates etc. in the carrier. Borders are visible sometimes, but each time on the same side. It looks like, as if the film sometimes is not transportes fast enough or scanning starts too early. I would be very glad if there are some ideas to help, any kind of comment is welcome. Thank you and kind regards Michael
  5. it was solved by changing ball bearings...but actually it appears again sometimes only on a few centimeters of paper, next print is ok and so on, i am watching that, but i am not able to find out the reason. k.r. mk
  6. Hi bruno 225, thank you for answer, could you give me further Information how to do adjustments? thank you k.r. MK
  7. Hi evereybody, i got problem with Fuji Frontier 350 which you can see quite well on the image attached: If there is a black border near to a colored, but lighter area there apears a kind of "shadow", as if the laser isnt able to change the colors fast enough. Does anybody know this problem or has an idea to solve it? Any kind of answer will be appreciated Thank you very much MK
  8. Hi, problem is solved - it was a gap in my knowledge: I adjusted each magazine using ...Laser sync ...position adjustment ...rough adjustment - but it is to do this only one time for all magazines, so each time when i adjust i dissembled all other magazines...so now i am more wise than befor ;-) Thanks and kind regards mk
  9. Hi Kevbo, thanks for answer, i try cleaning. But let us reflect on this: if the paper would slip in rollers in would be driven not "far enough" when laser begins to work - so the image would have to be shifted in the feed direction - isnt it? Now paper is shifted against feed direction so paper is driven "too far", when laser begins - i hope this is understandable . kind regards. mk
  10. Hi everybody, i urgently need your help: On Frontier 390 we have got the problem, that the image position on sheet is shifting. example you can see on the image. Its possible to adjust it, but after 500 or 1000 sheets its dissplaced again most times about 2-2,5 mm against feed direction. Until now only glossy papers are affected. I adjusted several times but doesnt elp. If anybody has an idea... Thank you
  11. Are you printing film or digital? Bad colors can be produced by wrong settings in scanner - there are several possibilitys of color settings in scanner, but no in printer. Check paper and chemicals as described befor. kind regards mk
  12. Hi Kevbo thank you, i'll try this. by Michaelka
  13. hi, thanks for answers to anybody, problem is not solved, i cleaned every moving parts (Belt, its rollers, transprtrollers a.s.o.), i changed ball bearings and the stepper motor which drives the steel belt - as descrobed stripes are better = less visible, but still visible a little bit. Could this be a problem out of the subscanunit? Any Answers will be appreciated k.r. Michaelka
  14. HI, thanks for answers evereybody, @Hassan, could you explain more detailed, where do i find image box and RAM? @tolik197 and vimalson, as described i checked and changed a lot of parts also the subscanstepmotor now. stripes are a little better (less) than before Coud it be another electronic part or laser? Tnaks to all Michaelka
  15. HI ,again i have a problem with stripes/Lines on all kind of prints out of my Frontier 390. I had this on my Frontier 350 too and not solved. After changing the bear balls and cleaning a lot any parts in subscanunit, also tensioning the steelbelt ans inspecting it i still have sripes...what else could this be?? Please have a look on the imagefile. Possible Subscanmotor is faulty? or it is something else? If anybody had some new ideas it would help a lot! Thank you and keind regards Michaelka
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