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  1. Hi All My G3 cant read 4gb or bigger cards, I have done the firmware update q1 2009 f1, still not luck, reads 2gb perfectly, my other g3 units are all work fine. Any ideas cheers Richard
  2. Hi I have 3 x kodak G3 Kiosks and would like to share them with my 6800 printer what is the best solution Cheers Richard
  3. THanks will try and let you know
  4. Hi My DKS 1510 working well all weekend now suddenly won’t start the "Stop /Go" always stays on Orange when trying to do a paper setup, I checked the exposure plain and found quite a long strip of paper that i removed , I have swopped the lCD globe and cleaned all sensors, still no luck. When I change the paper and run "Used cartridge" it hangs the software, and I need to quite the program and restart Any Ideas out there would be appreciated Richard
  5. Mine only lasted 4 Months and only doing about 2000 prints a week best of luck.
  6. Hi All I am really having issues getting my green colour Correct on my photo's, if printing grass or tree's they often come out more brown, I am relatively new to the game , any suggestions on what to do? I am running a DKS 1510 Machine Cheers Richard
  7. Does anyone know if I can upgrade my hardware in my g3 kiosk, can I get a new motherboard/ram and CPU, if so has anyone done this and what board did they use. CHeers Richard
  8. Thanks Again Camera House all working well Cheers Richard Waite Franshhoek South Africa
  9. Richrich


    Hi Perica Thanks for the PDF, yes I do have a extention kit and have softare version D4.1 lX b thanks Richard Franschhoek South Africa
  10. Thanks all got the software and done a full reinstall
  11. Richrich


    Thanks Percia I think my resistor is soldered on, what I will do is take a pic and post it, as I am not 100% sure I dont know if I have a LCD Extinction kit, what should I be looking for?. I am still confused as to what is giving my LCD power after I removed the two power connections ? thanks Richard Franschhoek South Africa
  12. Richrich


    Just a update, I unplugged the power to my LCD circuit board, by removing the two power cables one white and the other black, but was still able to print to my machine, so I think that my LCD board is still getting power from another souce, and that is why the static is not getting discharged, if anyone has any ideas as to why this is happening please let me know Cheers Richard
  13. I have the same issue, does anyone know where the temperature sensor is/
  14. Richrich


    I got a second hand unit and the resistor is on so it seems that my LCD is goign
  15. Thanks Dr Did that, but pics are being sent to EXT (External Features), any ideas why? seems strange, thats why I did a reinstall of the KIAS software yesterday, but the same thing What I would like to do is a reinstall of all the software, but cant find the software, will try and get it from a college Cheers Richard
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