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  1. Nice to have the deal with promptly answering man
  2. "I have Brand new PCIHR card for DKS750 ( or called the System 88 ), please contact me via my email davidlam@sinopromise.com David Lam, Hong Kong" Can I see the part number?
  3. Many thanks to all. Davidlam - I have “it”. Any ideas about DKS 750s or System 88(like installation soft. discs, TECHNICAL INFO EXPRESS after 2002, spare parts, used parts, consumables, etc..) will be welcomed. email....dksowner@gmail.com///
  4. fotorondo thanks for sugestions
  5. Dear colleagues I need to increase an interval (seconds or mm) between the prints Which constants, variables, cells values, etc. i can to change? Machine DKS 750 S Thanks
  6. Can I have the price? dksowner@gmail.com Thanks.
  7. http://photo-me.ru/uploads/minilabs/DKS17xx_NEW.pdf
  8. davidlam Is the offer still valid?dksowner@gmail.com
  9. Unfortunately (accidentally), I changed the position of the X4 sensor, fig.5 By result it the images runs in bad sharpness, fig.2. After multiple attempts to reposition correctly the sensor, the “best” I can achieve is fig.3. Any ideas how to adjust to get the ideal position of the sensor? Like fig.1
  10. 2-years I use http://www.ebay.com/itm/Diane-Foam-Hair-Rollers-/400325533834?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item5d3542e08a Size: D1921 B 1"
  11. Hi All In my DKS 750 is instalated 5.2.22.LX version (11 V02 ED04 18/04/02 PRNU Calculation says: 2. Initial conditions To start this procedure, the following points are indispensable : - software version 2.5.25 or V4 / DLS - Lut expo adjusted - Paper cartridge 9.5’ (or 8’¼) Luster installed and calibrated (Glossy paper may provoke some problem during scanning, Mat is too mat)……. Can I do PRNU calibration for this machine?
  12. Ridge, you're right. We have cleaned all optical (lenses,mirrors) There was a lot of dust on them. But nothing has changed. I have printed two photos In the image bellwo you can see the result. I’m worried about that less visible lines. Where do they come from? I hope LCD is alive. Now I have to do PRNU, And I need Epson Perfection 1260S, U.S. 1640. This are old models. Can I use something else?
  13. I suspect there is dust on the LCD. I want to clean it. But I do not know how to dismantle a LCD unit. Can I do it in “home conditions”? Can anyone advice me? If Yes, I treat “Eisbein” with Kölsch at ” Früh am Dom”(Cologne,Photokina 2012)...
  14. 750 joys

    DKS 750

    Hi to all I have a DKS 750 Who can suggest me, where can I buy (in Europe)the following: 1.Densitometer sticker (Grey - White – Black) P/n(060970336 -?) 2.Desitometer calibration chart P/n(060 982 684A (Regional Representative ignore my request. He even does not respond by e-mail…)
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