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  1. Thank you very much for your kind and extensive details ! My concerns is about the quality of the chemicals that is made today ! One of my partners use Kodak and he tell me that in the last year the quality of the chemicals is different from that used 2 years ago ! ...and we know Kodak is made by Tetenal and the starters is Made in China !!! Anyway, most probably I will try Fuji CP-47...I will keep in touch ! Thank you again and kind regards ! You do a GREAT job here !!!
  2. Hello again... thank you very much for quick and precise replay at my previous post ! Now I want to ask a different and sensitive kind of problem ! As we all know, Kodak closed production plant for chemicals in UK and moved the production to Tetenal... I'm talking with a few Noritsu owner that tell me the quality of RA4 chemicals is...can't find the word...not as good as the previous RA4 made in UK ! Because I have no experience with RA4, I want to ask here if anyone knew wich is better: FUJI Hunt, Kodak or Fuji CP 48 or 49 ! Another problem...can Noritsu QSS 3411 RA4 be modified to use Fuji CP48 or CP 49HVII ? At the moment for me is difficult to order Fuji chemicals other than CP 48 or CP 49...or Kodak RA4 ! Thank you in advance and wait for your kind advices !
  3. Hello Noritsu club... Please help and tell me if it's possible to baypass the scanner of a QSS 3411 ? And if yes, which software do I need to install ? I'm thinking to use the printer like Frontier 7700, connected by LAN cable direct to a computer ! Thank you in advance !
  4. Hello GOGI, recently one of my friend who works in photo bussiness told me that it is possible to modify Frontier 570 to print untill 61 cm... For the moment I don't have details, but as soon as possible i'll come back with more news ! Regards !
  5. I think this space problem is very easy to solve... The BIG problem is how can be modifyed the software ?
  6. Hi everyone, has anyone here try to print with Frontier 355 more than 381mm long ? I know there is a software (or hardware ?) limitation up to this size ! It will be very interesting if it is possible ! Please share your experience...
  7. Problem solved ! One of the six belt at the enter in processor was slide and occured the midle optical sensor at the printer exit ! ....a little bit tricky to put the belt in place !
  8. How You solve the problem ? I have same error and could not find any paper stuck on printer ....?
  9. But the paper remain in processor (dryer) ? You have the error after all the prints is out ?
  10. Hi Imi, I have a 355 which is very similar with 370, in fact your printer is LP 2000 ! How old is this 370 ? You can check the year of mfg on the printer maintenance menu ! Here is mentioned the date of laser installation !or on the back side, just under the general power breaker ! The data of red laser looks no good to me, it looks like a failure, it must be a straight line !
  11. Hello everybody ! Problem solved ! After I got error E-2529, I checked all the connection of AOM with lasers and especially FMC4 and FMC5 ! Before that I made a clean new restore of C and D on SP 3000 ! Downloading all data in printer and restart ! Untill now it works ! I hope for long time !!! PS my location is RO, Europe !
  12. yes, set-up prints also have lines and paper feed too ! after a complete restore, on start-up I got ERROR E-2529 SOS DETECTION FAILED ! Any ideea ?
  13. Hi everybody, I'm new here, I try to read almost all the post on topics about Frontier, but I can't find anything similar with my problem.My machine is an Frontier 355, and from yesterday began to print very very small blue lines on prints (like hair). Very curious is that lines is printed even on pre-cut !!! Is anyone here facing this problem ? Is a laser problem ? A software problem ? Many thanks in advance !
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