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  1. I've been getting error message "5508 The Processing Solution is too low" lately. Sometimes topping off the tanks with water will clear the message and sometimes not. The P1 and P2 floats seem to be working. This error message isn't very specific. What else should I be looking for?
  2. I wish I could find someone who has one. None of the current USA Noritsu techs have one. I am willing to purchase, rent or borrow one or pay for a service call if I could find a tech who has one.
  3. Thanks for checking on this. Is there a way, by trial and error, to calibrate the crop card attachment for the MFC carrier? If I try to use it now I get a message that it has not been calibrated. Thanks.
  4. I am in need of the Scanner Adjustment Chart #Z022046-01 for the Crop Card attachment for the Noritsu MFC carrier. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance. Ted Nichols, New Hope Photo, New Hope, PA USA
  5. I'm looking for some negative carriers for the Noritsu MFC carrier. Noritsu made them in several 35mm formats, APS, 110 and various 120 formats so you could scan single or damaged negatives. The MFC carrier works with the S2/S3/S4/HS1800 scanners. Used carriers would be fine, new is OK if the price is right. Also looking for a source to buy crop cards from. Thanks in advance. Ted Nichols New Hope Photo New Hope, PA USA
  6. I'd like to upgrade our Kodak G4 running v4.0 to a newer version so we can take advantage of some new features. Where can I get the upgrades. Can I upgrade directly to v6 or do I need to do it in increments. Is there a newer version for the G4 (not a G4X or G4XL). Thanks in advance.
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