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  1. for the broken wheels I am buying some from a oversea supplier.

    if interested,,, reach me by my email address    davidlam@sinopromise.com ,,, David Lam  Hong Kong

  2. Hello, do you still have the file for 3D printing? If yes, can you email it to me ?
  3. Hello, I'm looking for the two wheels that serve as a support for the Ribbon and as a reference for the photocell. Any help is appreciated. I enclose photo.
  4. Hello, does anyone, please, send me the 8800 service manual, thanks! santona@hotmail.it
  5. Hi ZIMINO. First of all, justify my English. I have a very great request for you. I have exactly the same problem as you did with mechanics - TEAC DV-28. I've had one tooth on my wheel. I know how to solve this problem and stick one tooth. My big problem, but it is that when I unpack the drive I did not take photos and I do not know how to put one part in this mechanism. Thank you very much for your help, because such a mechanics can not be taken any longer. If you were willing to help, I would send it to your mail with a photo of the problem site that I do not know how to be properly folded. It is possible that you still have this drive, or would you know how to deal with it. For any answer, I thank you in advance.
    Milan Kubala Slovakia - kubalamil@gmail.com



    IMG_5126 2.jpeg

  6. Ok, thank you. Removed the power supply from the left side. Now, where i can get a new fan ? Is a standard piece or i need the original piece ?
  7. Hi, during a cleaning operation, with compressed air, in an attempt to resolve an error "paper jam" 62 ", I removed both side covers of the printer. I noticed that the bigger fan, which is located on the right side, does not work. Because the plastic frame is broken and then the fan is not in the axis and touches the plastic structure. I would like to replace it but I don't understand if there is a way to get to the two screws below the frame, without removing the entire upper part of the printer. Someone already had this problem and can anyone tell me if there is an easy way to remove this fan or if indeed it is necessary to dismantle the whole printer to replace ? Thank You.
  8. Hello, I'm looking for a 3F4822RH engine, for a printer 6800 or , alternatively, the toothed wheel . Does anyone have this spare part? Thank You .
  9. Solved, need launch an enabler from E:\installer
  10. Hello ! I have acquired a used printer Kodak DL2100. I have connected it to a G4 using the USB . The G4 recognize the printer correctly, but I can't print with it because there's not any option for that in the main menù. I am not able to print neither the test page from the device optins menu. Any idea or suggestion ? Need other software that I don't have ? Any help will be appreciated. .
  11. Hello, I need this exchange part for the 6850. I have ordered the item (motor and gears) from Kodak almost one month ago, but they don't have availability. Have you any idea where I can buy this part ? Somebody have this part and sell it ? any help will be appreciated, thank you. my email : sartiglia_1@tin.it .
  12. You need to upgrade the MB and the Processor for run the V4 in a G3 Kiosk. G4 (V4.0 Sp.2) and G3 (V2.2) Works if the G4 is the host.
  13. Hello, first of all, excuse me for my bad Enghlish, but I think you can understand. I wanted to share with you, like I have resolved the problem of the Burner Teac DV-W28SLW for the G4 kiosk. Like he will know who he has had problems with this burner, is impossible find it in internet. You can buy it only from kodak. This because the burner assembled in the kiosk has a Ultrabay Slim connection that is typical of the IBM/Lenovo, while the burners that are in internet (ex. eBay), they have a SATA or EIDE connection that usually are not compatible. The problem of this burner is mechanic. When the customer introduces the CD/DVD into the burner, if he doesn't push him to deep, could happen that the mechanism has subjected to excessive effort and breaks. The portion that usually breaks is a small cogwheel. For restore the operation there are two ways. 1) Buy a new DV-W28SL on internet, dismount it, and change the damaged cogwheel, 2) or you try to repair the cogwheel. I have chosen of try the reparation because it is less expensive. Here you can see some photo of the cogwheel after the reparation. The reparation has stayed executed from a capable watchmaker and it works perfectly. Cost 25$ Hope this help. .
  14. Hello, sorry for my bad English, but I think you can understand. If you have installed a combo TEAC DV-W28SLW, is too expensive purchase it from Kodak. Remove it and replace it would be simple, but I have not been able to find it, with the same technique of connection, from other suppliers. I have installed the new software KPK V4.0 SP1 from an external ASUS Combo connected to the "Spare" USB door, and I have not had problems. I don't have still tried to burn a CD/DVD but I think that there are not problems because the new hardware comes identified correctly.
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