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  1. moon

    MS01 V 4.0

    my email in fazal_khan_812@hotmail.com
  2. The I NTALLATION of 37o2hd is very simple you can install by self i am guide you
  3. moon

    Frontier 350

    Hello first go to setup and miantaince Adj printer and processor select printer function select and turn of distibution section
  4. choice if you can repair USB or you can bye a used USB dongal the price is same
  5. when you install the capacity booster  then go to machine specification  and then enter  and one more see the serial number of printer and processor  if not then put the serial number and then enter  and then restate the printer and ez controller  you problem was solve
  6. moon

    NORITSU 3701hd

    i am solve the problem thanks
  7. moon

    NORITSU 3701hd

    Hello I have a problem to 3701 Hd i am delete the IP address of 3701hd in machine specification can any body know how can we add it again
  8. moon


    i see but there is nothing i have software but not a serial key can any body help
  9. moon


    can any one have Noritsu quick access software key
  10. when you go printer then give paswood and go extension laser setup and then intial setup
  11. 9. Confirming the Exposure Magnification Correction, Exposure Position Adjustment and Exposure Magnification Fine Adjustment Exposure Position Adjustment→F: Functions→Test Print
  12. if you have initialize data cd 2 or 3 of you machine reinstall it or if not then go qss printer then setup and when you go to extension then paswood required paswood is 2260 and go extension laser setup printer machinacel adjmint and set the chat of focus and your problem was solve sorry for bad english
  13. moon

    Noritsu LPS-24 Pro

    ANYBODY HAVE LPS24PRO print order connection software
  14. which city you have can you explain then give you price ?
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