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  1. Pskaro,thousand Thanks to you!it really works,not problem so far.
  2. Hi,Sir I own a DKS1610,Every Morning when i turn on the printer,sometime i encounter a message written "THE PRINTER CANT BE STARTUP BECAUSE DONGLE ARE NOT IN CONFORMITY".sometime it should tried to log off and log on a few time to start up the application.it was troblesome ar..it was not the connection problem,i sure tht the dongle is well connected, could anyone guide me and rectify the problem?Appreciate and thousand thanks
  3. like the picture shown how to change the printer to online mode?
  4. like the above Topic,my R1 machine everytime i send a picture to print it always say offline,but i sure that the network connection is ok,dongle is detected, what is the likely cost for that?please help.
  5. Many thanks,Maxi,yup,i had checked the fuse on the small board,but it is ok.i m afraid the epson driver or squencer board is damage.is there anything i can check with? thanks again for u reply.
  6. Hi,Sir,do u mean 3 fuse near the on/off switch there,yes but they are all okay, lamp power regulator was replaced recently,does it the cause of this faulty?i really dun know,clueless now,
  7. i had checked in lcd gain.there was no value in it,can someone help with!thousand thanks!
  8. Hi,NooB,nice to meet you,i m from malaysia,i got dks1550 which had replaced LCD for 3 times within 5.6 years,i find it is very intresting of what you had posted "Upgrading Lamp with LED".would you help me,If i like to buy from you the "upgrade KIT",please tell me what to do.and i appreciate that!!!
  9. the cust told me that he just replaced a new wide screen monitor recently before the error occur,please take note that DKS3 is not supported for Wide Screen LCD/LED Monitor!!!the error was cause by the wide LCD,can you bellieve that?!thanks for you help!!
  10. yup,the firmware was reloaded again and i also did the full ghost from top to toe, ,i think it's not possible the wrong selection in chemi.exe,is that possible that poor contact about the RJ45cable between the paper transport and Tank board?!
  11. Thanks for you comment,i did replace the old DKS folder,but it seems useless..
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