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  1. It's down to pixels nothing else. Max dimensions on 2901 are 7200 px x 4800 px (18" x 12" @ 400 dpi). Make sure the files fall within these dimensions.
  2. Ahh I see... So your problem really is how to convert all files to the custom profile before printing? Can you install the custom profile on the DKS ( does DKS run on Windows?) and then choose to convert all files to this profile before printing somewhere in setup?
  3. So you had a custom profile made. When you convert files to that profile and then print them how do they look?
  4. I don't know this printer in particular but I don't see why you can't use industry standard colour management. You can get a custom profile made very cheaply, e.g http://www.pureprofiles.com/ http://www.stonequay.co.uk/ http://www.bodoni.co.uk/remoteprofilingservice-p-410.html
  5. Kodak Ektacolor Prime Cat No. 527 0863 195ml/m2
  6. We use Kodak Professional Lustre on the 7600 also, results are excellent. We use the profiles off the Kodak website: http://tinyurl.com/y2k8dc I find perceptual rendering intent looks best.
  7. How old is the lamp? Have you tried deleting papers from the magazine registration screen and then setting them up from scratch in MLVA setup? Failing that I would try paper registration specification setup in MLVA setup? New lamp first though.
  8. Just out of curiosity does ATL, GA stand for Atlanta, Georgia, USA?
  9. Posting at 5.25 on a Sunday morning? So was it a late night or an early morning?
  10. http://www.sandisk.com/Products/Item(1151)-SDDR-99-A15-SanDisk_ImageMate_5In1_ReaderWriter.aspx
  11. Ideally, something for the 7600 in a roll which is clear and self adhesive. All the self adhesives seem to be white/opaque.
  12. Hi Jurie, Will this product work on an Epson 9800? Do you have any narrower rolls for 7600? 99241MED Thanks.
  13. Start at the beginning: Is the paper in the centre of the magazine and running straight? Does it happen on all magazines? Which country you in BTW?
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