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  1. Hello again, First of all I want to thanks again Yustas for the informations I find in minilablaser.com/fujifilm-troubleshooting section regarding laser errors and symptoms.... I succeed to solve my problem folowing this steps : 1- after swapping the RED AOM with GREEN AOM , I find both in working state - so the problem was in optical block (red laser - optical surfaces - AOM RED crystal or electrical connections) 2- disassembly the laser box and box covers to have acces inside 3- visual evaluation of interior and optical surfaces (lenses-mirrors) 4- surprisingly I find lot of dust especially on the small rectangular mirror coresponding to SOS optical sensor, but also on all internal surfaces of assembly 5- carefully clean everithing I can triyng to remove dust everywhere I can, with special attention to SOS signal reflecting mirror and the path of Red laser 6- Contact spray applied on all laser assembly conectors And to my delight the Frontier work again like new. Hope my story will help someone in similar situation
  2. Wow...it worked...silly me...
  3. Yes Thank You, I understand and I will doo'it tomorow ( yet I only find 2 relevant topics for now :-) )
  4. Thank you very much, I find your error explanation only after I post the question...Still : those blue pictures mean something ???
  5. Suddenly this error appear. First pictures of the last order comme out OK, after that 15 pictures totally blue (uniform beautiful blue -no stripes, no people , no nothing -only blue) and the last 4 pictures totally white. After that no printing was possible at all.... What can I do ? Any oppinions please...
  6. itt

    Unused Frontier Preservation

    Thanks Maxi, it will be for a few months...I put today water in tanks plus a little chlorine...
  7. Hello everyone, I want to preserve one of my minilabs for later use. After washing the tanks I should keep'em dry or filled with water ? (with al racks inside)
  8. It's a simple matter. Just open the magazine and in the right side you'll see a small moving stick with a spring. Clean and lubrifiate the assambly and spring to make sure it cam move freely. I'ts done !
  9. First problem : faulty electrical contacts between mainboard and laser .could causing this Last picture : debries in subscan area (under the laser obturator) close to the paper. you should remove the laser unit in order to have the possibillity to clean that area.
  10. How do you manage to clean the optics ? I have a simillar problem, but I don't know how to do'it. Thanks in advance !
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