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  1. Hello, we are out of the ideas, we need a help We have a problem with the PRNU, if we try to calibrate the PRNU it s getting worst and worst, the aberration is more strong after every calibrtation. The aberration is always on the half side of the picture. We tried to change all the pcb-s, pc, cables, but nothing, everything is the same. Thank you for your help
  2. Hello, please help me... The pictures are always stop in backprinter modul because the inlet modul doesn't start. I tried to test this modul, and the sensors from diagdks, everything are working fine. I reinstalled the OS and softvare, I changed the C/DKS map, but nothing help :-( Thanks any idea
  3. I have 6 years old Im 1500, it's working, just we don't need anymore. 990 Euro
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