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  1. BayCameraCo

    135/240 AFC-II

    Hi! I am having to replace my 135/240 AFC carrier and I have already purchased a replacement. What do I need to do in order for my machine to recognize the carrier? I know I have to be in the service mode and do the sensor sensitivity adjustment, what else is there? Many thanks!
  2. I am having an issue where the 4" prints almost catch up with one another. It is only on the 4", 5" and 8" are ok as they come up the middle instead of side by side like the 4". It is not consistent, sometimes it is on the right side and sometimes on the left. Saturday we printed over 800 prints and it only happened a few times. Today we printed over 900 and it was more frequent. I think the issue lies with the #3 and 4 crossovers. Sometimes the #3 one will skip and not turn as smoothly and the #4 one is a little stiff but still turns. I am thinking of replacing all the "guts" on both. New rollers, gears, bearings and clips. Anyone else with this issue before? Any input is appreciated. Many thanks!
  3. We are having some issues with 120 film. It is seems to be skipping and getting misaligned towards the end of the roll which is producing a black line from in between the frames. I just replaced the middle pressure roller on the bottom of the carrier and three on the upper part. They are a flawed design in my opinion as the rubber deteriorates over time. Do I need to do some sort of recalibrating of the carrier? Is there a way to adjust the way it scans so it doesn't get out of line? After changing the rollers I did notice that instead of half the roll having the black lines, only 3-4 had them. I have attached some samples.
  4. Earlier this week when I changed the 4"glossy paper, I got a few pink lines and then it shifted to a slightly pink tone. Did daily setup and got it to balance out, pink lines went away. Next day the daily set up was a little green which in turn all the other papers shift that way too. Wednesday we cleaned the machine, dumped a 4 STB tanks and it seemed to be fine. Daily set up was perfect Thursday and Friday. This morning daily set up was fine but the emulision change(which we do every Saturday on all the papers) came out pinkish with the lines again. The lines are not on the whole print just a few here and there. Lines dissappear finished the changes and it was balanced. Then it shifted a little green again. Do you think it could be a chemistry issue? It is the only thing I have not checked as I am awaiting a new densitometer. Checked the temp in the tanks just to make sure it wasn't overheating and not giving me an error message and they were all perfect. Not sure what else I can look for. Thanks!
  5. Hello! Yesterday, just on the 8" papers(both glossy and matte and in either A or , there have been lines on the print, toward the front and then about the end on the print and the corner is not even. There is a little white just at the top corner and not all the way down. I have checked to see if any paper is stuck in there and I haven't seen any. I have 4" and 5" magazines and they are coming out fine. Any help/advice appreciated. Thanks!
  6. BayCameraCo

    Blank Prints On Qss-3312

    Is that costly? I can repair most things but I would not feel comfortable doing this. I have a service order for the Noritsu tech to come out.
  7. Hi everyone! Today in the middle of printing our prints started coming out blue. The lab tech then did any emulsion change on the paper and it was also blue, however she read the strip and registered the values After that all of the prints are coming out white or blank. I had her read a backup disk from the day before to no avail. I came up there and tried to read another disk from Monday to no avail. Even the daily set up is totally blank. We turned of the machine for 30 min per Noritsu tech support with the same outcome. Could it be an AOM driver? I had the laser replaced about 2 or 3 years ago so it better not be that again! Could it be a chemistry issue? Ran a strip on Thursay and it was fine. As were the daily set up and emulsion changes for today. Any ideas? The only thing that bothers me is that in the past month about 4-5 times I have gotten a main PCB error(sorry but I didn't write down the code) Can that affect the exposure as that is what I am guessing to the blank prints.
  8. BayCameraCo

    QSS 3300: no backprint on CT2 orders

    Do you have a different print channel for those orders? One that is different from regular orders? If so then the CVP may be turned off on that channel.
  9. BayCameraCo

    V30 pump amount settings

    I checked the pump amount setting, by measuring 3 times for each one and set it according to the average. I got the replenisher rates from Kodak and set them correctly for 135, and checked my other machine for the other sizes, 126/240/110/120. We still process 135, 120, 220, and APS films so I feel they are correct. I will double check with Kodak to make sure. Right now there is only water in the machine and I am going to just calibrate the pumps a few times a day and make sure that everything is staying accurate. I have ordered filters for the machine and once I get them I plan to put chemistry in the machine and go from there. Once I feel confident in this machine I will take down the other one. I think I will take your advice Dave and do some manual replenishment for some "film" and see how it checks out.
  10. BayCameraCo

    V30 pump amount settings

    This is where I am getting confused I set the pump amount settings, as in 3.8.6, to what Kodak gave me which is almost identical to what you listed for me. I assumed that only 18 ml of CD would come out when I measured the pump vs the 51ml I am getting, same for the BL, FIX and STB. Is this not correct? I changed the value by going into MODE>REPLENISH./REFILL WATER>REPLENISHMENT>PUMP AMOUNT SETTING> and then I keyed in the numbers I got from Kodak for CD, BL, FIX, and STB. Arghhhh!! I am confused
  11. Hi! Got the v30 up and running, however the guy I got the processor from changed the pump amount settings to 51ml for all the pumps, Called Kodak and they gave me what I thought were the correct amounts but they are still measuring at 51ml. Does anyone know what the pump amount settings should be for this machine? Thanks!
  12. BayCameraCo

    Noritsu V30

    Got the machine apart today, was unsure of the keyboard problem until late this afternoon. LCD is fine, all the keyboard keys were functioning except for yes and no. Was about to either order a new one or get a used one when I ran my finger along the wire from the keyboard and viola! Don't know if it was loose or there is a short, either way I am happy that I can put off getting a new one for now. My plan is to run it with just water all this week, check the replenisher rates for accuracy and then put chemistry in it. All seems fine at this point. Cleaned the racks and tanks today, flushed replenisher tanks, pumps seems to be circulating fine. After it runs fine this week, I'll drain it and fill it up with chemistry and run a control strip and go from there before I decommision the old one. Any other suggestions about what else I need or can do? Thanks for the help so far!
  13. BayCameraCo

    Noritsu V30

    I have just acquired a Noritsu V30 film processor. The guy I got it from is going out of business and let me have it. He said it was working fine when he used it 3 months ago, but when we started it up before I came to get, he said the keyboard had quit working. I have it back at my store and beside giving it a good cleaning of the tanks and racks, I plan to flush it out. I am going to put just water in the tanks and let it run for a week, checking the replenisher rates three times a day. Any suggestions to what else I can do? Is it possible for a fuse to be causing the keyboard malfunction? I plan to get this one up an running so that it can replace my older model film processor. Thanks!!