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  1. David, Yes, that is what I use "RA-4 LORR", I have heard KODAK EKTACOLOR RA Developer Replenisher RT , but I guess there are too many set up need to change on the Noritsu . I'm afraid I can do right to change all those setting on Noritsu. Like amount of ml to pump how many print to pump replenisher.... for CD, Bleach and STB. Will I able to change all those setting? Thanks
  2. Thanks Dave and Minilab service It was very helpful your information. Machine is running as it should. I have this printer only for my portrait studio already for 12 years , the business is slowing down every year. Now I'm facing low quantity of prints. How do i keep chemical in good working order? Any tips?
  3. Thanks, David I am pretty sure Bleach was fine so I did Cd change. Now the pure white came out. How come CD become bad? Thanks
  4. Changed 2 of first STB, The print still same color, Not pure white!! Change last 2 STB. The print still same, not pure white came out. I am still having the same issues after change STB !! Now what?? Help Thanks
  5. I don't remember When was the last time I replaced the STB tank solutions. But I notice First two of 4 STB tank are really dirty. I'm replacing them now
  6. Fuyi crystal archive 5" and 8 " , paper are not old. I print them everyday
  7. I have a noritsu 3501, today the printer with white backgorund picture, It came out as not pure white. It looks more yellow and red. Same picture file I printed with epson surecolor p9000 it came out pure white !! I am guessing something wrong with noritsu 3501 , i did daily set up and emulsion Number change before print Need help!! Thanks
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