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  1. Thank you for the specs, I know its a pain thats why I want to upgrade it now if only some someftware seller could give me a answer that would be nice
  2. Thank you all for the replies, but my computer for the scaner and the frontend is OLD and i mean OLD! it cant even run windows 7, let alone the fuji software. I wanted to change the comps, thats why i asked for hardware config also
  3. Hi, I have the ussual frontier 355 software that runs the FE-FRONTEND conputer on xp, and the scaner on win nt i think. Now my question is, What computer is needed to run the new windows 7 software for bouth the scaner and the frontend, where can i but this software (with install instructions) and whats the price of it? Thank you so much in advance
  4. Hello there, I own a Fuji Frontier 355, recently I reinstaled the FE-Frontend computer, and that all went fine, but the system thats conected directly to the printer, thats on windows 2000, is causing aloth of problems, it hasent been reinstalled even once, has viruses on it, and I badly need to reinstall it, but the problem is. I dont have the software, and I dont have any idea on how to reinstall that computer. So can anyone please help me with this? Thanks in advance!
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