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  1. please help where s this pompe in the machine
  2. helle friends plz can u showed me ,where i found the switch densitometer in the dks 1550... thank u
  3. salut a tout le monde et merci neil pour bien m'exprimer ,j'ai ce probleme,,,pouvez vous me dire c koi ce trait,,je dois étalonner pas mal de fois,,,pour kil disparaisse,,, please c urgent et merci infiniment
  4. hello my friends , when I start my kis 1550, I heard a noise on the module there, but once the machine is printing, the noise disappear, plz help me to know what I should do and what I must consider
  5. redha290

    late the draw

    slt,tu desactive seulement imrimant au dos,j 1550 elle se situe dans modifier la dimension de la photo,jespere ke sa marche pour toi aouad
  6. thank u tony,i'll try it redha
  7. please teriw,precise please,i am not sur,its this problem,i geuss that my lcd,and prehabse yes perhabse nn..... thank you
  8. hello my friend,i've a problem,normarly kis 1550,print 1550 photo in hour,but my dks 1550print 250 photo in 30 minuts,i want know why,its a very problem for me,please help me, thank you all. your friend redha
  9. Hello my friends, my kis minilab 1550, I feel slow by printing my images, I think in terms of calibration and I could not touch the proffessional please help me or guide me, thank you friends
  10. thank you shahab,i have the solution,more idea for u,,i clean the plan exposition,,thx very much friend
  11. thank you shahab,i have the solution,more idea for u,,i clean the plan exposition,,thx very much friend
  12. hello for the 2nd,please halp its a great problem for me, i cant work with one roll of paper,there some good man who help me. thank to you cordialement redha
  13. hello every body,please help me ,i have a problem in dks 1550 ,the image dont center on the paper,what's this problem please,and i do what to repair it.
  14. help me please about dks 1550,please i need some template , and how i can update my dks 1550 system..thank you
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