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  1. The first thing to remember is that every dry lab made by anybody has used Epson print heads. They differ in other ways, like the ink supply system, capping stations, paper transport, head configuration, ink, software and so on. The initial quotes on the Epson D3000 head replacement was far lower then it has turned out to be. Initially they were saying around $1200. It has turned out to be about the same as a Noritsu, so now a head replacement on a full size drylab Epson, Noritsu, Fuji is going to run about $5000 USD. That is insanely overpriced when you consider that a laser replacement is about the same. I suspect that they see it as a profit center and that people are used to paying. I have no idea about the small labs like the D700/Fuji DX100. The big question is how many cuts happen between replacements. Personally, I prefer user replaceable thermal print heads like what HP uses in their machines. I think it is a superior technology that is far more reliable and that is the reason they sell significantly more wide format printers to production shops then Seiko Epson. I would never ever, buy another Epson wide format printer. I really wish HP would get into the photo imaging business with a 12" wide dry lab. I would also like to see a company like Chromira take their x/y cutting and sorting tech and couple it with a HP z6200 and an inline dryer. That would be the perfect dry lab in my opinion.
  2. Todd

    How To Buy A Sp-3000?

    You want to contact a broker with a good reputation who will sell you a clean working scanner. In the United States PTS consulting is the place to look. They have some kind of relationship with Fuji, and a sterling reputation. http://www.ptscsg.com/index.php Another good source int the USA is Serrano Rey in Florida https://www.serranorey.com AAA Imaging is also a good outfit that sells clean stuff.
  3. Epson will no longer be selling the Surelab D3000 in North America. It will only be available as the Fuji branded DL600. Currently the DL600 is only available directly from Fuji. It is not known if the Surelab D3000 dealers who were selling and supporting them will be able to sell the DL600.
  4. That's pretty strange. Do you unwind the paper back onto the roll and totally out of the print path every night? If you don't it can get a bit of a fold in it that can damage the printhead. I would say send it in for service.
  5. I have really liked the DX100. The colors are great, the paper is great, the speed is great, (even at the high res slow speed setting it is still fast). The image quality is far better then any AGX lab I have owned or used. Period. Inkjet looks better the wet. However, it has just started producing some banding in the blacks in the high speed mode. Slow it down it goes away. It could be the weather, and I have not tried high speed printing since November. Once it warms up and the humidity comes back, if it is still acting up I will send it in for warranty repair (probably around June). All inkjets with piezo print heads are strange about temp and humidity. My HP Z6100 with disposable thermal print heads laughs at the weather. This brings to mind another great thing about the DX100. Put it in a box and ship it out for service. Much cheaper then having to have a tech come out. I really like it, and would buy another in a second. If things pick up next year I might actually buy another one.
  6. It really depends who you get it from. Noritsu is going to rip you off on parts and service. Remember that inside every dry lab is an Epson print head. The Noritsu sales guy told me that since they consider a $1000 Epson print head to be the functional equivalent of a laser print engine, they think it is ok to charge over $5000 to replace it. That is highway robbery. I have no idea what Fuji charges for theirs, but I do know that on the Epson Surelab it is less then $2000. I will not reward Noritsu's exploitative business practices with my money. I chose to purchase a Fuji DX100 for anything under 8" and I run anything larger then 8" on my HP Z6100. If i needed more speed I would have gotten either the Epson Surelab or the Fuji DL600.
  7. Hey Guys. I cannot ship the machine over seas. If you want to arrange that its fine. It would ship out of the port of Houston, but it is all on you. All I can do is be available for it to be picked up. I need this thing out of here. Lots of good parts.
  8. I guys, I am so sorry that I have not responded. I have literately been on the road since the 2nd week of September. Thinks have slowed down, so I have time now. I am happy to answer any questions over the phone. If I do not answer, I am probably at a school taking pictures. Please leave a message and I will call you back. I still have the DKS. I really just want it out of here. Low ball me. Really. Lets make a deal. If I cant get it out of here by January 1st. I am having it hauled off for scrap.
  9. I am in the middle of my busy season, and have not been able to repair my DKS 1710. I don't have time to mess with it right now. It was in great working condition (except for the external paper feeder) when I shut down in May. I replaced all the foam in the dryer over the summer. It turns on and prints, but the internal densitmeter is not working. Even though the densitmeter is not working I just printed 300 8x10s for a job, I just had to adjust the general offsets. It is not throwing and error, the values from the densitmeter never appear. Our volume was just barley sufficient to keep the chemistry turned over, so I am not willing to have it repaired. Instead I am changing print technologies. The exposure engine is perfect. The racks, and motors are all perfect. It comes with two paper mags, and box of new rollers. It could be a fine working 12" wide machine with a little investment, or it could be a great parts machine. I would like to put it in to the hands of another lab owner who needs a good parts machine, I will make you a great deal. I would prefer not to sell to a re seller or a dealer who will strip it and sell the pieces for a marked up price. Just send me an offer. I am happy to prepare it for shipping. I can refer you to a freight company that I have used in the past for you to get a quote from. Todd K. 832-527-2431
  10. I am having the same problem. Is there a way to just use the Barbreri and plug in the values?
  11. I think due to the delay, it is not doing a paper setup. The gray patch comes out, nothing happens. Any ideas what could be making the processor run slow?
  12. Hi all, Kind of a strange situation. I shut the lab down for the summer. Started it up, and the button battery on the Dell MB needed to be replaced, the DKS software was also warned about corrupted file, and prompted to create a new one. I clicked ok and moved one. I wish I had written down what the file was. Anyway, I filled it with water and ran 20 12x14 prints through to clean the rollers. The next day when I turned it on, and did the same thing. A print from the day before came out. It had clearly been submerged over night. So I ran another 20 prints and noticed that the first print did not come out until after it had shown it had exited on the screen. I waited. Ran 1 more print, and 2 came out. One had been left in the tank again. I am guessing this is a software thing. Any ideas? Also, in an unrelated topic, when I shut the lab the year before, even though I had really cleaned the racks pretty good, it still took nearly a roll of old paper to get all the tar out once restarted a few months later. This time when I shut it down over the summer, I cleaned the racks real good with Hydra blitz. Got them supper clean. It took about 30-40 prints to get the rollers clean this time. Hydra Blitz is good stuff. Totally dissolves the developer tar.
  13. Because the foam rollers are cheap and they last longer.
  14. I tried out the Gorilla Glue (an expanding polyurethane glue for those who are not in N. America). It works great. Much easier to use then the Pliobond I had been using. Not as stinky either.
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