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  1. Be careful. You don't want to mix the clorox bleach with the bf solution. I believe when the chlorine mixes with the ammonia it produces chloramine gas which is hazardous. I have seen a strip mall evacuated and hazmat called in when another lab cleaned their bf tanks with clorox.
  2. Final rinse/stabilizer. Last chemical step in ra4. Needs frequent dumping and replacement(filters too). Pull racks and clean as completely as possible. Flush out rinse tanks. Reach in and wipe down with paper towels to get rid of slime as best possible. First tank is the worst as replenisher is put in the last tank and reverse cascades(overflows) backwards to the 2nd to last tank which overflows backwards to 3rd to last tank. So net result is the first stabilizer tank has the oldest/dirtiest solution and it gets hit the hardest with the bleach/fix getting carried over into the first stabilizer tank. Even with good volume the rinse tanks need to be dumped and cleaned frequently.
  3. Check your fuses? They used to be just inside the cover where power cord goes in.
  4. Anyone have basic networking settings for connecting kiosk to apex system? I have the gigabit switch/hub, just need to get them to see each other. Secondly, what is needed to turn on the kiosk product features while printing to the Apex printer? Currently v3.1 on apex and v2.0 on kiosk Thank you in advance, George
  5. Make sure you replace rinse regularly. Gets kind of funky if you just keep in and don't dump it. Good job tracking it down.
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