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  1. Dear Sirs. When QSS 3101 was turned on, it indicated the error "6076-001 Polygon Mirror Control Error". Turning off the minilab and restarting it would take away the error and we could work all day without problems. This happened for a couple of weeks but now the error is permanent. QSS3101 has a A350 laser box Can you help me ?
  2. Immagini

    Windows & Qss Printer Driver

    I recommend you read the end of this post ( page 2 of 2 ) : http://www.minilabhelp.com/topic/17690-qss-printer-driver-on-win-7/
  3. Immagini

    Qss V9 + Printer Driver

    Any antivirus installed in 3202 computer ? If so, you must configure antivirus to allow communication between 3202 computer and the other computers Do you have QSS PRINTER DRIVER for Windows 7 ?
  4. I would like to know, in depth, what is the difference between "Daily Setup" and "Emulsion number change" procedures. Thanks
  5. Immagini


    I think first you must clean and trim the ends of all fibre optic cables. I remember that despite having a system version chek comunication ok, this was slow. So, try to cut 2mm at the end of the fibre with "exacto" razor hobby knife good luck
  6. Immagini

    Fuji Paper With Kodak Chemistry

    I do not believe they are incompatible. Have you run any control strips lately ?
  7. Yustas is the third time you try to bother me in this forum. My country is Venezuela, if you know a company or a technician to repair Laser units in my country, please let me know. The technician who gives me service is certified by Noritsu. He is a young man with moderate experience and I help him with ideas that I provide in this forum. He is the one who repairs my laser unit, not me. Two weeks ago I called a technician from Bogota, Colombia, also certified by Noritsu and experienced in the QSS3101 but he can come to my country next week. I am graduate electronic engineer in one of the best universities in my country (Simón Bolívar University). I practiced the profession of engineering for 20 years. During that time, I designed controls for industrial machines, elevator controls, electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps and many other projects. I was also manager of a printed circuit board factory. Here, we make the first multilayer printed circuit in my country. So you're not the one to qualify my technical ability. As a student my hobby was photography, now I´m a 55 year old man and electronics is my hobby while photography is my modus vivendi. I have owned 4 minilabs and have been in the photography business for 25 years. So what I do with my money is my problem not yours. I decide where to save and where not. This forum is mainly technical. If you can not help me from the technical point of view, no problem, just leave me alone! Finally I want to say I respect and appreciate very much the work done on this forum for people like Dave and Kodak_Service who, on other occasions, helped me to solve my technical problems and never tried to bother me! Namaste.
  8. The initial error was: 6105-001: B Laser light source status errors. There was no other error After changing the blue laser gun, Minilab is totally stable and we do not have any errors. In Laser output chek menu, everything is good. But Initial Setup is like image attached, the band that should be black is blue. Initial Setup printed test before changing blue laser was the same as now.
  9. kodak_service thanks for your support. I think you are right, since the model of the gun is the HK-9155-01. This model originally is for QSS32 and 33 type A laser and seems to put special driver for QSS31. The trader tells me that this is not the first to sell and the other has had no problems. I like to read your comments about the fact that circle of light produced by green laser is clean while blue is a "dirty" circle with a center black dot. Maybe the blue AOM is damaged? I was very surprised that two parts are damaged simultaneously, the laser and the AOM. Regards
  10. Dear friends . I may seem a little strange. But the truth is that my country is a little strange . We have , control currency exchange . So any product or service you have to pay in dollars or euros is a real headache . For example , to send the laser unit to any country , I have to prove to the government that is a unit for repair and that I am not exporting to earn money. Because if I win dollars , I have to sell to the government. Here we be guilty until proven otherwise. Explained this, you can understand why we prefer to buy a laser cannon instead of sending the laser unit out of the country . Leaving politics aside , let me return to the wonderful world of minilabs . I bought the blue laser through a trader in Miami , with whom I worked for many years but , unfortunately , do not give service. He assures me that the laser is new, was purchased directly from Noritsu and is the model for a laser unit A350 . Today a friend sent us an alignment procedure and , when run , we get a circle of blue light, but the blue laser intensity is low compared with the green laser ( we slowly spin AOM and intensity did not improve ) . I have my doubts about the laser that sold me . First because it is not Shimadzu and secondly because of its light intensity is low. I will send some photos to the trader to support my claim . I understand the reasons why you can not help me, but still I leave these images :
  11. Ok Dave, I understand. I think you can help us with the lasers lighting. We place two magnets on top cover interlock switches and, without removing paper advance units, tried to turn on lasers through "Output Check" menu without success. Placing two magnets on top cover interlock switches and removing paper advance unit 1, 2 and 3, how can we turn on lasers ?
  12. Dave, more questions... About attached image: Will these be the vertical adjustment screws ? If so, what are the horizontal adjustment screws ? Does the central ring is to focus adjust ?
  13. Dave, thanks for your help. We raise the "exposure output settings" and can see only magenta and cyan lines. Physical optical alignment of blue laser is so bad that we could not see the yellow line, right ? Laser module has two pins that fit neatly into laser unit base, so I think we can´t move it. How to align laser optically ? Are there any screws that allow us to do this alignment ? Do we have to turn on the laser module with laser unit uncovered, making the adjustment visually? In advance, thanks.
  14. And I want you to see this weekly Setup Image. Here are seen the three colors, means that AOM Driver's are OK? We exchanged the AOM drivers without success. We also installed a new Blue AOM Driver without success.
  15. Let me add that when printing a photo, there is a yellow shadow, as you can see in the image attached. Please help me...