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  1. Please send email to servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com Regards
  2. Hi, At the moment we only handle KPK version 8.1 for G4 kiosks and KPK + 6.0 for wide screen kiosks. Regards
  3. Hi, You can contact us at servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com. We offer the service of sale, installation and configuration of the kodak KPK 8.1 software for Kiosk G4 and KPK + 6.0 for Kiosk G4XL. Our ISOs are even prepared to be installed on any PC and turn it into a Kodak Kiosk with all functionalities at 100%. You can read more about us in these links of Minilabhelp.com Regards
  4. Please send email yo servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com Thx
  5. Software KPK 8.0 sp1 and KPK+ 6.0 (wide screen) The version includes: - Download link of the kodak software version (ISO Files) and drivers (depending on the model of your kiosk), located in the cloud Dropbox, Onedrive and Googgle Drive. - Step by step manual to install and configure the kodak software. - Remote help service during the entire installation and configuration process of kodak software. - With your purchase you can repair how many kiosks Kodak owns, without depending on the technicians. The software is configured so that it can be installed on any PC (even if it is not a kodak kiosk) and all functions work 100%. For your purchase before December 31, 2019 you get a discount of 30% of the total price of the service. Have your kodak kiosk produce all the time. Make a kodak kiosk with any PC. Contact: servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com Regards
  6. eyla0312


    Maybe you need maintenance, try cleaning the head and rollers where the ribbon and paper travels. Many times the wear of the pich roller causes the failures. If you can upload photos to help you with more precision. Regards
  7. Time to change to version 8.1 sp1 Contact us at servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com and we will give you the best solution to update your kiosk kodak with minimal investment. Regards
  8. eyla0312


    Hi, Contact us at servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com and we can talk about several solutions for that team. regards
  9. Hello, You can contact us at servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com and we offer you the information you need for your request. regards
  10. eyla0312


    Hi, Model 3 do you mean G3? regards
  11. Hi, If you can not find a solution, we can convert the station to Kodak kiosk with minilabs enabler. It works 100%. Regards
  12. If you still have to renew your kiosk, please contact: servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com We have the solution regards
  13. Puedes contactarnos a través del correo servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com Comercializamos todas las versiones del software kpk y kpk+, por medio de ISO. Saludos
  14. Send email to servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com We have the solution to your problem. regards
  15. The kodak 6800 printer is Plug and Play so if in two PCs (as it says) is not recognized. Surely that is the communication card of the printer, which is located in the same cover where the cable connects to it. Change that card and the problem should be solved ... Another test that must be done is to change the usb cable for another one that if we are sure it works ... regards
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