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  1. Thank you Minilab Service for your help, after some minutes I can enter into menu.
  2. Hi Minilab Service, Do you know how can I disable film scanner without it connected? I got ARCNET errors and can't get into F Functions Menu. Is there some way to disable it outside software, by registry or some file modification? thanks
  3. Hello, did you try reinstalling ez-controller and QSS-Printer software?
  4. I have 3704 and 3705 and both have just one Capacity booster board inside. 3704 use Capacity booster H and 3705 use Capacity booster I. each minilab use a different capacity booster software and I can not exchange capacity boosters to convert any of both minilabs, because they have a different procesor.
  5. Hi, thanks for replay, I was wrong, the dots are after AOM Crystal. before is just one laser beam.
  6. Hi Minilab service, I just checked yesterday inside laser module, I checked before AOM, and After AOM crystal, before crystal I saw 3 dots, I tried alignment many ways, but green beam is weak, compared to blue laser beam that is very brigth. in blue after AOM crystal I can see 4 dots. How can I do a good position re-aligment? I tried moving laser head and AOM cristal. the green dot is 3mm to the left at the polygon mirror entry (here I saw a short line) compared to blue and red are in the same place. but moving laser and AOM crystal didn't move the short green line at the polygon mirror.
  7. Hi Steven. I solved changing LCD display.
  8. In laser test G laser error at 100% B at 30% R at 1%
  9. Hi. R54 Voltage is 64.9 at 200mV. What is the good range? Thanks
  10. Thank you Minilab Service. I'll check R54 voltage, what voltage is good for the green laser? How can I check AOM driver with multimeter? I'll run also Laser test. how much would be a laser head repair? Thank you very much!
  11. Thanks for your answer Dave S. In the 3 lasers image can you see the green laser is very weak? can you help me with some manual to align better the green laser? If I replace green laser, is necesary to replace AOM? Where can I find a good new green laser for a good price? Thank you very much.
  12. I couldn't ask the owner due to new problem. sorry.
  13. Here are the pictures. 1-Laser inside. 3 laser beam 2.Picture output 3.calibration and advance 4. MAGENTA Ligth, always on when printing. it seems to be blue+red lasers. (inside laser near the output prism) When I check lasers by output check, red and blue ligths are 1cm before the prism (where I put the paper in this pictute), green laser ligths over prims. but printing there is opposite. Thank you very much for your help.
  14. Emultion Is not ok. Always is green in the dark side? Or can get black? After changed G laser, AOM and crystal it worked good? Did you do all Laser setup?
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