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  1. barsheed

    JNE23 location

    Thank you Yustas and Surviving
  2. barsheed

    JNE23 location

    Dear All I have Frontier 550 (LP5500) and I have face small problems in exit dryer sensor and I need to check the wire connection the cables end to JNE23 but I cannot found the PCB I have check the service manual and part list in service manual only showing diagram wire and the location but not found in part list not showing this PCB. Can any known the location for JNE23
  3. Please don't shared to me recovery CD-ROM for 340 because I have found copy in my CD bag

  4. Hello my friend 

    How are you?

    If you have recovery CD-ROM for Frontier 340 pc 5011 please send because I am very far from office really I have it but more 700k to office 

    Thank you 

    1. fransed


      hello sir , please do me the favour to send me the recovery cd file for Frontier 340 PC 5011.

      my email is mfrancistaah@gmail.com

      Thanks in advance

  5. Yes change install and delivery date to older today because now dated is same day Try and see
  6. Change the installation date
  7. Does anyone install Fuji MS software in windows 10 pro?
  8. I remember this problem faced but before more 10 years
  9. I am sure this problem from software Try replace the CTL20 with working one Your CTL I think is good just the problem in firmware
  10. Really I forgot because more 10 years not used this printer however try after starting machine and in lcd frontier press manu and right > and left < and enter I think some people know and surely
  11. Reinstall A1 if you use sp2000 or reinstall printer in MS01 If you use FMPC Put machine in ROM mode
  12. Reinstall A1 if you use sp2000 or reinstall printer in MS01 If you use FMPC Put machine in ROM mode
  13. Your problem is from laser sticker - open machine and remove laser - down anti - dust door sticker remove it - replace this sticker with new one or keep it without I hope your problems from this only
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