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  1. Hi all, After some more "modifications" the Print Sorter works very well. No issues with the tray coming down every time. I noticed the little legs on the white tray holder and tried to use them to push the tray in front to lay flat -- I don't think they are "kicking" the tray down, but it's working now. Had to : add a deflector to the right side top of the paper conveyor tray add something to lower the dark grey plastic paper stopper (on the outside top of the print sorter) so prints don't get thrown onto the floor enlarge the opening for the tray stop sensor (cut DOWN) lower the position of the tray stop sensor so the next tray holder could "push" the new tray OUT and down. then finally, add something to the bottom of the print sorter so that empty trays do not block the paper sensor and make it think there is paper there. Here's some photos: It works, just as good as before. Good luck if you decide to do this yourself !
  2. lol -- Got it. Will try it and let you all know how it goes.
  3. Exposure Advance Unit Hold Error: FIXED ! That was it ! Never knew exactly what a torque limiter did, but now that I know, I will never have to worry about this again. Thanks for the tips, I can cross that off the list -- FOREVER ! I removed the motor, removed the torque limiter, pulled it apart (including the spring), cleaned it out, put it all back together, used liberal amounts of white lithium grease and it works like a charm. And you are so right - removing and reinstalling that spring is a challenge. Tested the whole motor / torque limiter assembly Before and After and it's so obvious that it was just not working right, once you know what to look for ! Thanks again Dave ! The Print Sorter tray is something else.... tore it apart easily, cleaned it easily, assembled it easily. Getting it adjusted "JUST RIGHT" is almost impossible. The chain was seated properly before disassembly, so it may not have been the primary reason for the tray flipping problem, but the chain was a bit stiff from really old grease. -- degreased, reapply new grease, and it is a lot more flexible and bendy. Any other tricks for working on the sorter ? Chain and belt tension is as close as I could 'proximate to what the documentation says, but it is one heck of a thing to get it to flip correctly every single time. Even getting the tray stop position sensor in the right place was a bit difficult to understand, but it's been placed about where it originally was. And the tray flipping issue still persists, but it is very clean (even all the trays) Oh, do the white tray holders all have to be in a specific order ? I removed everything off the chain before clean/lube and the trays were not kept in order. Thanks !
  4. Hi Big Dave .. I have sent a email to you gmail address. please check . . 

  5. Hmmm.... so it's not just a matter of tray position, but also of speed that the trays are brought into that position.... interesting. I believe the chain, is still on, I'm sure I "looked" at it while I was "customizing" the side where the sensor lives, but yeah, that thing is not going to be fun to tear apart. Maybe a good cleaning and lube job should get it going again ?? There is a bit of dust and other crap on the chain, so maybe that is slowing it down ? Thanks for the pointers! David Lam, please PM me, cost including shipping. I would rather not spend money on it... I think I have a few spare torque limiters floating around here somewhere. Thanks !
  6. dear Big Dave, I have the ORIGIN 3800C  clutch NEW ( torque limitter) in stock in Hong Kong, NEW PARTS :-)

  7. also, we are getting error : 6053-0001 Exposure Advance Unit Hold Error. It has been doing it every morning for the past 3 days. The motor has the new "blue" clutch(?) but it is "over tightening" once in the home position. Normally, spinning the motor Clockwise "tightens it" and Counter-Clockwise "loosens it", but it is overtightened by around 7 or 8 full revolutions.before it breaks free and can be put back in place at a nice tension. Is there any way to "reset" it's location so it doesn't keep doing this ? Last year it was "under-tightening" it, and when you opened up the covers, it was loose and not in position. Now, it's the exact opposite.. Thanks !
  8. Hi all, New "issue" .... When smaller (<7") prints come out of the printer and onto the conveyor, then onto the Print Sorter, the tray usually drops down before the prints come out, For 12 years, we've had no problems with this, until this past week. I've mangled the little sensor on the side of the sorter that senses (stops the trays) when the tray has reached a certain point. (Don't worry, the little sensor is FINE, but the side of the housing that it was screwed into has been "customized" ) Most of the time, 99.9999%, it's fine, but now, more than ever (1 out of 5 times) , its moving the trays down, but not "enough" for the new tray to DROP to where it's supposed to be, it stays "folded" near the top -- ALMOST out of the housing.... When I hear the paper prints hit the floor, is when I cringe..... How do I adjust this PROPERLY ?? Thanks !
  9. Hi all, sorry for the late response, but it was too random (weird?) for a while.... nothing else was replaced other than the two relays. - Some days, the Noritsu would turn on and chems would be cold after 90 mins. Shut off the breaker, turn it back on, and heaters would work just fine, and we could start up after waiting for chems to heat up. - Other days, no issues with heating, ~75-90 mins and chems ready to go. - On a couple of days, it would say all chems are fully heated after only 25 minutes !!(confirmed with an external thermometer). I don’t understand how, but ok. It stayed random like this for a few weeks until I had to replace the hard drive (don’t ask—very long, unbelievable and expensive story) And on boot up with new OS and install of Noritsu software it did a complete upload of software to all PCBs. After this, all the randomness went away. It’s “good” now, but it sounds like some of the water pumps are always on. (But they’re not) As always, thanks to everyone for their help, and I hope to help others as I’ve been helped here. 👋 Thank you Dave S !
  10. You all can thank @photocorp for his generosity. I don’t even remember WHEN he put these up.
  11. @Dave S not sure how to do this. Just power up, then measure voltage by placing ProbeA on T1 and ProbeB on T2 ?? Same with fuses ? ———- Fyi: machine seems to turn off the main drive / dryer motor around 5-10 minutes after turning on breaker switch, but color wheel & other components are still “on”. No error messages are displayed. ———- Did this. Both RELAYS are GOOD, performs as expected, but when changing from Open to Close, the sound is not as hearty or as strong as on the other 3 relays. I had spare relays, so have replaced them both anyways. Tested good after replacement, machine exhibits same issues as before replacement. After 90 minutes, chems are still not warming up, and no error messages. Next steps ? Replace Processor control Pcb ? Do we have to perform the “Software update from HD” for the Processor control pcb after replacement ? thank you very much for your help as always dave
  12. @Dave S Is there a way to test those 2 relays without removing the pcb ??
  13. Do the print heads have dampers ? Can you change them ?
  14. Hi DaveS, I took photos of those PCBs and yes LEDs 1, 2, 3 & 4 are ON all fuses on PCB1 are good , cleaned and reseated. SSR x1 and x2 visually look fine from the top, but do not know if they are failing. The connectors you referenced on PCB1 and Processor control PCB are good and have been reseated.
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