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  1. I wonder... if someone DID have it (or any of the other crop charts for other machines), would making a 1:1 scan of it and printing it out on a 3D printer be possible for it to "work" ?? I'm sure there's lots of people that would like one for their machines (hint, hint Yustas & Minilabhelp) Even if it's only good for 1 or 2 uses, it may be worth it for the lab owner to have it.... Or post the 3D drawings on-line for download and "easy" local printing/manufacture.
  2. Do not buy anything using Kodak SM replenishment - chems no longer available
  3. I know very, very little about the Fuji systems, but does your current on-line system support the Fuji ecosystem natively ? Or did you have someone make your on-line system ? In which case they could integrate it. I remember talking to them at a convention, and there was an add-on you could buy to have your system create orders for the Fuji system (I think like hotfolders) and their system would suck in your orders and print them or wait for you to manually print them -- I have No Idea what it's called, but it was possible to be done. Good Luck, and keep us posted on your progress. I know for our Noritsu, we can do that, but I don't like the auto-PJP corrections, but last I played with that was years ago.
  4. Yup, that's when I sit there and scrub, and scrub, and scrub, and scrub...... Off topic, but of interest to me, for our 2901, on the dryer, top, paper exit path, there are these amber rollers with flappy teeth that we NEED to replace (the teeth are brittle and will break off if you touch them). Since Noritsu isn't supporting this machine, is there a part from another machine (with parts still readily available) that could be used to replace them ? Or is there another "thingamajiggy" that can be used to replace them ?
  5. I don't think that this isn't recommended... Or did I get this wrong ? We just use a damp, lint free cloth, and scrub any paper residue off the rollers. What about those "rubber rejuvenator" chems that press people use ? We received a small bottle of it and have been itching to try it on the Noritsu rollers, but we don't want to mess up the paper magazine rollers ! What do you guys think ?
  6. Ok, thank you for this advice. We will wait and see if this happens more often and replace at that time. Have a great week.
  7. Hi Kodak_Service, Thank you for this information. With the problem we had the other day, are there other warning signs of impending failure, or was this just a one-time glitch, or do you recommend we replace that board NOW ? Yustas, Thank you for the information. It is very helpful. Thank you Minilab service. Did you receive my PM from the other day ?
  8. Which PSU ? Do you have description or Part # ? Yesterday, after Breaker Off/On, it was just fine for ~ 200 prints. Today, Daily Setup went normal, and prints are OK. I forgot to check the condition of the Color Wheel after power off last night, but will try to check tonight after closing. Thank you all for your assistance so far, but I am really interested in finding the "source" of this problem, and trying to replace the "right" PCB so it doesn't happen again. Any Additional Help / Suggestions Appreciated !!
  9. Hi Yustas, We did replace the MLVA PSU last year(?) with a spare. I am truly afraid to test with a multi-meter when the machine is powered on. I am a little bit clumsy at times, and have killed other electronics trying to do this.
  10. Ok guys, Last resort - I shutdown and turned OFF the power at the breaker for 5 minutes. Turned it back on, went straight to daily setup, and BAM !!! It PRINTED the daily setup ! - no uniformity issues, but a little bit more Magenta than normal. no biggie. - we are going to assume it's "OK" for now, - BUT we would Really Like to Know what may have caused this, so we can be ready if it happens again, OR replace what may have caused it - before it happens again. THANK YOU !
  11. Sorry, but there is "nothing" on any print. The paper is Pure white. So Chems are OK !, So it seems (to me) that No light getting to the MLVA head -- OR -- MLVA head not putting any light on the paper. MLVA Lamp is good, color wheel is spinning (I think), so there is some other problem. Hopefully not a bad MLVA head, but I'm not an expert ! For the 6029 error, the Service Manual suggests: MLVA unit, Drive Voltage PCB, Data Output PCB, Image Processing PCB, Printer Control PCB. But I don't know what to focus on. I have NO spare Image processing PCB, the other PCBs I May have, but not 100% sure. Thanks you for your suggestion though ! If you think this will help, I will try it, but I think there is some other problem. If I am wrong, and you are correct, I OWE YOU A BEER !
  12. Hi All, This just happened to us today, for the Daily Setup, got error message: 6088-0024 - Uniformity Correction Error. The Daily Setup print came out, and it was ALL white, so cancelled daily setup. MLVA lamp is LIT, and appears to be fine (was replaced less than 2 weeks ago with new lamp). Color wheel (seems) to be spinning. Tried printing something else, it too was all white. Performed Uniformity Calibration, completed successfully, but gave error message: 6029-0004 MLVA Auto Gain execution error. (though auto gain is carried out during MLVA setup, the dark level reading sensitivity value of outside MLVA*1 is higher than that of around the MLVA center.) Performed MLVA head cleaning, Performed Uniformity Calibration, completed successfully, but gave error message: 6029-0001 MLVA Auto Gain execution error. (though auto gain is carried out during MLVA setup, the measured result is extremely low.) I'm stuck. Any suggestions on how to fix this ??
  13. Hey all, Someone asked me if there is a difference in the parts manuals from the regular V50 and the "V50A" -- (never heard of the V50A before) Thanks all !
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