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  1. Anyone with Kodak 7015 Paper flanges for sale?
  2. Where do we get to download the version 6?
  3. This is what I found For license information: North America contact: timothy.ryugo@kodak.com +1-805-376-0687 Europe: James Casha (+44)1442 261122
  4. Any news on Epson Surelab. Price? Cost per print?
  5. Link to trial version of Kodak Creative Production Software V5.0 http://license.kodakexpress.com/KCPS/KCPS_V5.0.111.exe
  6. Seems the version 5.0 prints to 7000 and 7015 printers. I'm yet to try it. Will post the results
  7. My Kodak GS compact now tells me "The software cannot prepare one or more of your pictures. Your order will not contain the pictures that cannot be prepared" any time I try to print. It loads the the pictures from my memory card or usb drive and allows me to make my selection but does not print when i send the order. I reinstalled the software but problem still persist. Anyone with an idea of what to do?
  8. Thanks Chris, Still waiting on you
  9. Chris, We are 2 stores using Apex in Ghana. We get our supplies from the United Sates. They haven't heard of KCPS. I wonder if we can get supplies for Apex at same cost or cheaper than the United States in the UK.
  10. Where do I get the 7000 printer driver?
  11. Is the kcps installed on a pc or kiosk?
  12. I am based in Ghana, Africa
  13. I would like to use my apex printers 7000/7015 for events. However the Apex kiosk is too bulky. Was wondering if I could print from KCPS software installed on my laptop to these printers and what the license for the KCPS software will be?
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