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  1. Greetings, On June 7th I posted a message asking for help/advice on bands that were appearing on prints from our DL600. (No replies.) Recently the Fuji engineer visited from Moscow. He adjusted the humidity, cleaned the print head, printed test patterns (perfect) and then printed some examples. The banding was still there. He took samples back to Moscow, who sent them on to Germany. I am glad to report that Fuji in Germany has indicated they will replace the print head for free (it is still under warranty). It is a worry, though, that this can happen in a new machine and, from what I can gather, it has happened more than once. Food for thought. AussieBob
  2. Hi All, I'm new to this forum. I'm an Aussie and my wife and I have a photo-shop in Russia (she's Russian.) For about 9 years we've run a Fuji Frontier 350 wetlab and it has been great. Last August, we decided to modernize a bit and bought a new DL600. We knew the prints would be more expensive, but we hadn't banked on the extra problems. The main problem is that, when printing a photo with a blue background, such as the ocean or blue sky, there are horizontal lines visible. Naturally, most of these are rejected by customers. We have just had the Fuji engineer visit. He has tested the humidity and it was fine. We keep our paper in plastic bags when not in the machine. He cleaned the print head. It still prints the lines. Has anyone else out there had this problem and can anyone offer advice? I would like it to be solved before the warranty expires. I get the feeling Fuji may be letting the clock "run down".... Thanks in advance, AussieBob
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