October 2018

Mini Lab Help.com is now in the final stages of being handed over to new owners.

We would like to thank everyone for the support over many years and we wish the new owners all of the best to drive this web site for another 20 years. 

A sad time to say goodbye, but also a happy days as this site goes in a new direction.

Goodbye - Neil Taylor 

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  1. Lyusi

    S1, S11, S13

    I have S2, S3, S4, S5, S7, S8, S9, S12 I look for all others. lyusi_d@abv.bg
  2. Anybody to know how to fix this problem ?
  3. Lyusi

    Frontier 350 Error W-2680

    If after mixing of new replenisment cartridge FS742 P2RB uper level still say NO, most probbaly FS742 is fail. After mixing all upper (and lowers) level sensor have to say YES. You can drain P2RB, check the connector and FS742's floater.
  4. I didnt see connection between unpass upkeep prints and E-2416... Any other ideas?
  5. What is procedure for reinitialisation of the densitometer?
  6. Hello! The problem is that upkeep print and paper condition setup not pass at all from instalation (in January) until now. Minilab is Frontier 350, LP1500SC Ver7.7-0X-010, without scanner, DICII, FMPCII, Auto Densitometer AD100. The chemistry is ok - the white is white, the black is black (4 cartridges Fujifilm CP48S from january until now). Type of paper in Paper magazine registration is C, I use Fuji crystal Arhive paper. Temperatures of baths are OK. The quality of pictures is OK, but tests not pass at all... Any ideas?