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  1. Many thanks for the replies. I need to check which EZ Controller we have - I know it dates from 2016. We are running windows 7. Yes, we have tried re-installing EZ Controller and software. Very annoying this happened now as we just ordered a new 3704 from Noritsu and it arrives in about 6 weeks!!
  2. Hi all - we have had this error once before on our other machine (3704), and I believe we re-installed the software and it solved it. But we now have it on our 3702. Our engineer solved it yesterday by installing the software on an alternative PC - but now the error is back. He is unsure what the problem is. The message appeared just as we were scanning a film, and the software crashed. Now appears when you re-start the machine, as shown in the attached image. It is impossible to do anything with EZ Controller and you can not use the printer or scanner at all. Does anyone have any ideas?! Many thanks
  3. Many thanks for the replies and assistance everyone. We have managed to find the IP address and find the printer in the network - I spoke to the distributor and they happened to be having a conference at their premises with technical people from Noritsu - luckily one of them was able to dial into the PC with Teamviewer and sort it out - but, it took some time. Dave s - he started talking about that module - but in the end he managed to find the IP address, which was
  4. Many thanks for your replies. Apologies, I wasn't clear in my original post - the only used item is the printer, everything else is new, including the EZ Controller software, so we have a new security dongle etc. And we have all software original to the printer. As the scanner is also new from Noritsu, we have all software etc for this. Minilab service - yes, we noticed that the new EZ Controller "found" the 3704HD on the network. But, due to the IP thing, it wont find the 3702HD we want it to find. We would run both off the same EZ Controller, but we need 2 workstations running so 2 people can simultaneously work on different jobs. Today, I think we have identified what the problem is - the previous owner of the printer has changed the IP address of the printer - does anyone know of a way to discover the IP address? We have the initial Data CD - this will have the original IP address? Is it possible for us to change the IP address of the printer? Many thanks for your help, Matt.
  5. There is a LOT of complete rubbish and bare faced lies being spouted by people trying to sell Dry labs. I have heard them all......some absolutely extraordinary things. This is the latest I have heard. Another one was you need a dry lab to get the most out of files off the latest digital cameras. Bearing in mind dry is half tone and wet is continuous tone, this is an outrageous statement. Fuji continue to invest in silver halide - 3 new papers, made in Tilberg, in last 12 months. And the fact is there is a huge uplift in consumable costs with dry - and this is why they are trying so hard to sell them. Personally, I haven't seen a decent print off a dry lab. It's a massive case of "the Emperors New Clothes" A salesman says look at the beautiful prints and everyone agrees. In the end, a half tone print can not compete with a continuous tone print of silver halide it's a scientific impossibility.
  6. Hi everyone, We have recently bought a used 3702HD, but with a NEW PC and NEW HS-1800 scanner (or S-1800 as they now call it) (we scan a lot of film). We already have a 3704HD and HS-1800 operating, so we are familiar with the machines. The 3702 printer is in mint condition and has a low print count. I have made a mistake however, I did the deal without installation included as I didn't think it would be a big deal.... The PC has none of the software or data installed, fresh from Dell with windows 7 only. We have all the original CD's for the printer and new sealed copies of EZ Controller and associate disks. First issue - we have installed EZ Controller, but it cant "see" the printer. We have entered the IP address and tested it with ping. I am wondering - we installed the software before the IP address was entered. Should this have been done first? The second issue we are stuck with, is how to enter the "Initial Data" from the original CD supplied with the printer? Thanks for any help! Matt
  7. Anyone got any ideas? - this fault has come up, accompanied by some rumbling inside the machine when wou close the magazine door and it tries to advance the paper, I guess. I've triggered the error with the door open but cant really see anything, other than the noise seems to come from around the back of the guilloteen section. Help! Many thanks, Matt
  8. Does anyone know a service engineer for the Lightjet in the UK? Many thanks
  9. Hi all. We're looking for a 50" paper processor - we can collect / dismantle / install etc etc. Not too bothered about make, main criteria is cost - we just don't have much of a budget. But, as I say, we can offer a hassle free solution to anyone who wants to get rid of one! Many thanks, Matt.
  10. We're looking for a service engineer for our Light Jet 430. Any recommendations anyone? Many thanks
  11. We're looking for a couple of extra paper magazines for our 37 series - we can use mags from the 29 series, apparently (although they dont work in all the slots, but this doesn't bother me because we have a quad loader) If anyone has any available please contact us sales@ag-photographic.co.uk thanks. (Were in the UK)
  12. We're looking for a couple of extra paper magazines for our 37 series - we can use mags from the 29 series, apparently (although they dont work in all the slots, but this doesn't bother me because we have a quad loader) If anyone has any available please contact us sales@ag-photographic.co.uk thanks.
  13. Hi, we already have 3 of these E6 Processors. One we converted to B&W and the other is still an E6 machine. And the other is a parts machine. BUT I am looking for another one. Or an Ilford FP40 processor, as this is a very similar machine. They don't need to be in working condition (but better if it is, of course) and we can collect. We are in the UK but I would consider collection outside the UK, depending on location. Photo attached Thanks for any help! Matt.
  14. Hi, we have a 3704HD - marks are appearing on the leading edge of the paper in line with the ribs on the crossover in the dev (in the 3704 there are 2 racks in the dev). It's definitely in the dev because we have run the machine and taken the paper out before it goes through the other racks. I've attached a couple of photos. It has been suggested that some rollers could be swelled and therefore accellerating the paper up the rack and smacking it into the crossover. Any ideas greatly appreciated, Many thanks, Matt.
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