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  1. Hiro

    MS 3.0 and MS3.1

    Thanks mfvster for your reply. So difference is just print quality... A few more questions. Can you make adjustment for auto correction, like colour or contrast, on MS 3.0? Do you need USB dongle to use MS 3.0? Thank you.
  2. Hiro

    MS 3.0 and MS3.1

    Hi everyone, I'm just wondering what is the difference between MS Ver. 3.0 and 3.1. Thank you.
  3. Hi Harry, Thank you for your reply. In Event Kiosk mode, how do you load picture to kiosk? Is it same as normal mode (Ex from memory cards, CD, etc.)? I'm kind of hoping if I can load picture and picture stay in the kiosk and different customer can view same photos again and again. Then I can add more pictures to the kiosk. Also what do you enter in "Last Archive" box? Thank you, Hiro
  4. Hi everyone, I'm just wondering if anyone know about "Event mode" on whitech kiosk. (It's in Setting -> digital print -> Operation mode) I justo want to know what it does and how to set up. Thank you, Hiro
  5. Hi tolik197, Thank you for your reply. We used to have Frontier 570 and we down graded to second hand Frontier 500. It didn't come with DIC but came with FE software so we install to our PC. It hasn't start up with timer from day one. We do post operational check and shut down. We set timer for 8:30am and I normally come to shop around 9:30. Does Frontier 500 have UPS inside? I know it's not big problem but I would like to see 500 already warmed up when I come into shop. Thank you. Hiro
  6. Hiro

    2 DICs in 1 Network?

    If you use FE S7, computer name still can be FE-FRONTEND? or FE-FRONTETND02?
  7. Hi guys, I have a problem with Frontier 500 daily timer. I set the timer to turn on the 500 8:30 every morning, however it never turn on automatically. Is there any setting on Frontier 500 itself or am I missing something? Frontier 500 Ver. 1.0-0X-014 DIC2 (FE software) Ver. 2.0-0E-350 Thank you, Hiro
  8. Hi everyone, I'm using Whitech kiosk with C4/C5 software. The software called "FrontierLink" from Whitech transfer order from Whitech DCM to C4/C5. I'm just wondering if we change our machine to Frontier 500 with FE (S2) software, the "FrontierLink" software still work with FE software. Thank you, Hiro PS I posted same one in FUJI forum too.
  9. Hi everyone, I'm using Whitech kiosk with C4/C5 software. The software called "FrontierLink" from Whitech transfer order from Whitech DCM to C4/C5. I'm just wondering if we change our machine to Frontier 500 with FE (S2) software, the "FrontierLink" software still work with FE software. Thank you, Hiro
  10. Hiro

    Frontier 570 W-2331 error

    sisir, you are genius!!! We found PWR23 PCB ok but we didn't know the small black square things are fuses! The first one we tested was broken so we try to buy it from electric shop but no one had one. We end up calling Fuji technician and he had one. He charged us 2 hours of traveling and half hour of service fee. I think it's gonna be very expensive fuse! Oh well can't do anything... For the next time (hope there will no next time though...) does it still call "Fuse"? or is there any different name? Where can you normally buy it from? Thank you very very much. Hiro
  11. Hiro

    Frontier 570 W-2331 error

    Thanks prasanna and sisir for reply. prasanna: Thank you for your email. I tried different FireWire cable but the problem is still there. The fan in the Image Control Box wasn't turning. When we swap the whole Image Control Box from our friend's 570, the fan wasn't working either! So I think the box is ok. Thank you again for your input. sisir: Thank you for your reply. I will try find the PWR23 PCB and check the fuse today (I'm on the way to work now!). Thank you. I really appreciate you guys help. Hiro
  12. Hi everyone. We have Frontier 570 with FMPC and Scanner. We change our shop layout so we moved 570 about 1 meter after we shut down it. After moving we getting error W-2331 "Image control box cooling fan(F620) abnormal." every 15-20 min. We could print perfectly for 2 days then suddenly we getting funny noisy photo sometime. (I attached scanned funny photo.) Funny thing is it prints fine from scanner and also from DI if the auto correction is off. We disconnect FMPC from 570 but the error still come up on LCD on 570. We swap image control box with our friend's 570 but still getting same error. I'm not sure what is wrong with our 570. Anyone have any idea or same experience? Help us please! Hiro PS Version of softwares LP5700 2.5-0X-121 FMPC 2.1-0E-011 Scanner 1.7-0E-105 DI 5.5-0E-919
  13. Thanks Christina and ghn5ue. I checked output setting on scanner and it was to FMP. I changed to LP-5700 then scanner display error connected printer is not matching. So I change back to FMP. Then I connect scanner to router with network cable then it works! I read FMPC installation manual many times but it never say I have to connect scanner with network cable. It only tells me to connect FMPC to router using network cable. Thank you very much guys! Christina, I just want to ask you one more question. Is MS software really good? Is it replacing DI? My friend gave me a set of software for Frontier 500. I'm not sure if I can use these CDs for 570 or not. The CDs got S and numbers. (S1,...) Thank you.
  14. Thank you Christina, I think there is installation setup on scanner and I believe it was set to Basic setting (can not to change to anything else for this setting) and output is set to FMP. I'm not in the shop at the moment and have a look tomorrow. Thank you again. Hiro
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