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  1. In my own experience, MS01 is the best Fuji printing software I have ever liked. Of course (for me again) this appreciation is valid only if you hardly print Variety; this option is too long for an operator to process. For the rest, MS01 printing interface gives the operator the ability to manipulate photos however he likes. You can even navigate in between printing pages and readjust some corrections before you confirm the order. I have even been told there is a version for Win10 x64! Although image quality has been enhanced with MS01 software, I still used Fe Software for its quickness in variety process, since more than 85% of our customers order in variety.
  2. Hello ! Have a DIC2 Ver 3.0-0E-520 connected to SLP 800. Whenever I clic on OM to delete some order, the program will only freeze. How can I solve this problème ? Thanks.
  3. After I check all connections, swap B laser driver and G laser driver, prints still remain the same.
  4. Sorry, Polygon Miror's frequency instead is 2243, not 0 (zero).
  5. The laser unit is type B. I will perfom the data transfer test and give you the result. I swapped the AOM drivers but nothing changed. I will check all connections around back and feed you back. Thank you so much.
  6. Finally, bad to replace Processor Control PCB and the machine started. But the QSS. is making out green Prints ; even the small triangle on test prints comes out green. First I swapped AOMs drivers to check there could be a faulty one and nothing. I also change chemistry, nothing also. The 'Input Check' shows 'Synchronous' for Laser Sensors. But the Polygon Miror section is showing 0 (zero) rpm. Could he be some laser head is dead ?
  7. Thank you. I will do so later because having a journey now.
  8. +5V ok on Processor control PCB. But the QSS software start by showing Error message 6901-0008-Arc et communication error-Processor control PCB, and Message 1801-0080-Execute software upgrade-Image Processing PCB.
  9. Green LEDs 1, 2', 3 and 4 are light on power PCB 2 The printer section initialise and the computer also starts. Only the Processor section remains idle and nothing turns on there (drive motor, solution heateers, dryer, ...). The multimeter shows +5V and +24V on the Processor power supply. On the Processor control PCB, all the LEDs are light. On the power PCB 1, only LED11 is light. The TR1 transformer supplies 25.1 VAC. I am really confused.
  10. Greatings membres. Out 3111 processor is having a problem To start. After turning on the main circuit breaker, only the LED 11 on Power PCB 1 will come on, so no drive tuning, no solution heating. Event the starter jumper on Power PCB 2 will not start the machine. The printer section seems to work well since I can ear it initializing, but the computer will not co.e on. Please any assistance will be greatfully appreciated. Thank you so much.
  11. Sir Minilab Service, about QSS 3101 and QSS 3101-1, still not understand the difference between LP2200 and LP2600, since both have almost the same boards and Laser.
  12. Good morning to the community. Please had someone came accross this kind of trouble before ? I use Fuji Frontier LP 1500 managed by MS01 v3.1 WinXP, and connected to FMPC and ICIII server. Thanks for assistance.
  13. Helo ! Just come accross a used. Epson 7880. At start up, it will start by "Charging ink" and arround 74 % it will pop up error code 00010014. Physically, ink not climbing into the pipes. Not understanding the pump system but seems t'm work since its rotates. Please any help will be appreciated. Thanhs.
  14. Forestyl

    MS01 password

    Thank you so much. But also I am sorry because asking this question is the funniest nonsense I have ever done on this forum. I am totally confused in between passwords in such a way I do not remember which one to type somewhere Any way, I use this opportunity to thank you Minilab Service because you are always there to help. I always say you are a wonderful man and I beleive all the community is grareful to have on this forum.
  15. Forestyl

    MS01 password

    Hello. I am running a LP1500SC through MS01 v3.1 To enter 'Maintenance' fonctions on the FMPC, I am asked a password which I do not know. I entered '5u990rtm0d3', 'operator', and 'FRONTIER' but none of them could go. Please any assistance is appreciated. Thank you.
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