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  1. Hi Just a quick check do you have dust and scratch removal turned to high? I had one neg that give a similar problem in the tree areas and found this to be the problem.
  2. I have reinstalled the software from recovery cd and installed both drivers and system software as standalone onto computer system but it fails to initialise scanner unless I upload the information held on the floppy disk that came with the unit. The scanner and other image processing unit connect to the back of the main PC using firewire and USB I don't appear to have a lan connection coming from the scanner?
  3. Im wondering if I need some specific software to use this scanner as a stand alone unit? What software do you guys use and where can I get it from? Any help would be much appreciated. I just need to use the unit as a stand alone and burn the images to disc.
  4. Hi thanks for your reply but not up on this scanner at all we bought it for our photography business to scan our films. We have the unit as a standalone its not connected to any printer or any other system? The software that came with it is 355/375/550/570 system and driver disk plus 2 recovery cd and a floppy disk. So if you could advise or even walk me through setup I would happily pay you!
  5. Hope someone can advise. I have just purchased a used sp-3000 but after starting up and selecting print/export I get the message connection to the imaging controller failed! Check the network connection. E-1775 1st service menu not found. Any help much appreciated.
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