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  1. Hello, We recently switched from fuji M4 software to EZ controller. With the fuji software we are be able to print real size pictures. So when the image was made up at 300DPI it printed the exact size. It seems not possible with the EZ controller software. when I select real size in the print channel. and print a image at 300DIP 12,5 x 12,5 cm it comes out smaller like 10,5cm. Am i doing something wrong? Best regards, Clicks
  2. Thank you for this information. I found this already in the manual. and have done it. But its not working hence my question above. Best regards, Remco
  3. Hello guys I am trying to have a Frontier DL450 printing double sided photo books. I have set the right paper size and print trough the sheetfeeder. When I print the first page the frontier cut the paper to A4 size I guess. When I want to print to the other side of te paper i keep on getting a error message that I use the wrong paper size. But that is becouse the page has been cut. What am I doning wrong. Do I need to chance some setting when printing sheet paper? I use Fuji MS01v3 I hope someone can help me.
  4. Hello, we are thinking to buy a Green IV. I am calculating the cost per print size. I was looking on Google but not be able to find a list. Is there anyone on this forum who calculated the cost price already? And like to share it with me ? Thanks a lot in advance. Clicks
  5. Hello! I want to buy an Epson d700 printer, but I read many printhead errors. Did you experience this? We are a small studio. We make 10000-15000 prints a year. If I buy the d700 or the dx100, I could use it for a few years without worrying.

  6. Helló! Epson d700 nyomtatót akarok vásárolni, de sok nyomtatófej hibát olvastam. Ezt tapasztalta? Egy kis stúdió vagyunk. Évente 10000-15000 képet nyomtatunk. Ha megveszem a d700-at vagy a dx100-at, pár évig használhatnám anélkül, hogy aggódnék ...

  7. Did you reinstalled the c4/c5 software or just updated the windows versions ? Bes tregards, Remco
  8. Did you used the c4/c5 software for this ? Since they say it can not be installed on windows 7 ? Best regards, Remco
  9. Hello, we had the same problem as you. We don't like the Epson software either. Plus we have 3 different printers in our shop. (1 Frontier 1 Epson d700 and a Canon wide format printer.) Now we work with this company http://www.insituafx.com/printing/ they found the solution for us. We don't use the Epson software anymore. From there software we can print to all our printers from 1 central computer. You might want to contact them for a solution. Best regards, Remco
  10. After onother day figguring out how to manage my new surelab D700 orders. I just want to let you know that i am so happy with this forum. I found minilablaser.com who helped me out when our Frontier PC crashed and now I am working with Insituafx also found here, they are setting up a full automated workflow for our D700. Far better than the Epson controler software. If any of you guys looking for updating your workflow. I recomend contacting this company. And this all thanks to this forum. Thnx ClickRS
  11. I guess I am happy that I bought the surelab d700.
  12. Hello minilabbers. On the internet I could not find it. I am looking for a table to look up photo sizes. I know there are many list with only the standard sizes. But I am looking for a way to set for example a 12,7 x19,00 cm into inches. If there is a website instead of a table it will be fine to. Any help will be appreciated
  13. Hello, Since there is no epson section on this forum ( maby a good iedea to make one ) I wil ask my question here. I bought myselfe a D700 and I am searching for the cost per print. But I can't find it anywhere. Is there someone with this printer who knows the cost per print like 9x13 cm 10x15cm 13x18cm 15x20cm and so on. Thanks a lot for answering my question.. Clickrs
  14. Thanks for all the tips guys. Thanks to minilablaser.com we are up and running again. I don't know if this is allowed on this forum. But if you are looking for a trustfull company who is fast and helpfull. Than I recomend you minilablaser.com. Thanks for your help. Now i just need to figgur out the C8 software and we are completely back in business.
  15. Minlab Laser. We don't use the scanner But this MS software do we need to reinstall both frontend and backend or only install it on the frontend ? We are a bitt scarry now to perform installs on this pc's thanks for your advice. Remco
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