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  1. Hi, I've been scratching my head why My DIC server (Windows XP s3) wont connect to my sp3000, I was able to connect once with another computer a long time ago, and now nothing. I have followed all instructions Here is my set up Windows XP service pack 3 2 partitions C, D with CD:N Server Name: FRONTEND (seems sp3000 is same name) Admin: FRONTIER, Pass: FRONTIER Same workgroup on both computers called 'MICSGROUP' sp3000 IP: Server: No Firewall on DIC Installed MSDE and restart on Xp and running Installed 64 Driver and restart installed Print/Write software and restart Merlin Patches installed NETBEUI installed I ping network connections on both computers and all success. I ran out of ideas why DIC wont connect to sp3000 Any help would be amazing!
  2. Hi thanks, I"m based in Salem, OR. I've been trying to figure out why software wont connect, I think it is because Windows Xp Media Edition doesn't work like Windows XP pro . I have to test it out soon.
  3. Hi everyone, Very much help needed here, I have a Sp3000 that I'm trying to connect to a DIC computer running on Windows Xp Mediacenter Edition Service Pack2 I was able to install software following these directions: -Install Windows XP SP2 (must be SP2) -Naming computer to : FE-FRONTEND -The same WORKGROUP to SP3000 -Partitioning into two drives C and D -Create user account : FRONTIER, password: FRONTIER, add this user to Administrator Group. -Disable Windows Firewall, -Install MSDE and apply Merlin Patches The problem is that the DIC wont connect to the imaging unit(SP3000), I'm running out of ideas why this won't connect.. any help is appreciated and willing to pay for it.
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