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  1. Thank you for the reply, the re-installation worked fine, i have another problem not sure if it related to the replaces AOM, since i reinstalled the software from the HD i had to do a reregistration of the daily setup paper, after going thru the reregistration of the paper system works fine, but every morning when i start the system and do a Daily setup the color reverses to red i tried doing a reregistration and an emulsion number change, they both give me good results until i restart the system.
  2. Thank You, i'm not sure what "Execute 2260" means, but i have a QSS-3001 and the option "Software Upgrade (HD)" is not on the menu.
  3. Recently i changes one of the AOM's and since then i'm getting the following Error 1801-0002 "Execute Software Upgrade. Printer" any help would be appreciated.
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