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  1. Hi everyone, do somebody have eeprom dumb file for the ctl20 board? Thanks for your answer
  2. And you must know that thé blue channel is the mostly afected in these printers
  3. Did you change with a good one? Most time people dont verify the quality of the part they use
  4. Hi send me a private message then i can give you support
  5. Hi. The error you are having is normal. Let me explain the fact. Basically the common port equipped on the original motherboard is allocated to com1 in win2000. So noritsu read the ups value from it and communicate with colorimeter by serial connection. To solve your problem use the original power supply with your new motherboard then connect the serial cable and the power supply as the old one then go-to your motherboard bios set the portcom 1 to manual then address it interrupt 4. then good luck
  6. Hi. Based on the fact you have the l1 installed it means you are using ms01 software which on my point of view has less quality than the Fe s2. To check the laser history. From the menu screen click on setup and maintenance then type password 7777 next open printer maintenance adjustment next scroll down to laser history then click to open then you can check to know if the values are stable or fluctuating if the second case the laser might be old and must be change soon.
  7. Bonjour

    1. labo sultan

      labo sultan

      Bonjour Nanotron merci pour votre réponse je suis desole mais je n°ai pas compris  la méthode par laquelle je peux écrire et présenter mon message dans le forum merci

  8. Labo sultan bonjour. À la base tu as faussé le principe du forum si tu as un pb commence un nouveau post et quand à ton message il est aussi mal rédigé. Pour recevoir de l'aide ici il te faudra redige les message in texto pour plus de lisibilité. Merci de reformuler le message
  9. Hi This is sometimes caused by contaminated developer by the workers who during paper jam are not wise enough to avoid drop of bleach in the CD tank. And the other reason is because of a bad regeneration pump not pumping out chemical so I strongly recommend you remove the CD regeneration pipe and place it in a measuring cup then try pump output measurement. And see if it pump out chemical
  10. Hi In these fuji system the evaporation correction is carried on to correct the ambient room temperature but for some reason it also start when one of the tank s temperatures is above the set value. You can notice the related tank by observing the fan turning between the 4 fans just above the tank draining pipes. But the best way to deal with this in order to avoid lost of time on start up is to disable it. To do this. Go to setup and maintenance type password 7777 then open processor adjustment then on your right open processor function select then uncheck the evaporation correction radio and set it to no. That's it. restart your printer and your are done. Good luck fill free to contact me.
  11. nanotron

    I need MS21

    Hi did you solve your problem
  12. Hi To all I need qss3300 I-beam system software any version or even the pro version will sweet. thank
  13. Hi Please check your colorimeter and adjust it feeding position then check and make sure that the calibration plate is clean Then do initial setup and everything must come back normal. but before check your lamp and clean the filters. Good luck
  14. Hi Good day my brother. this problem is not from any mechanical part. if you look closely at the dots you can notice they are made of pixel dots this mean It is a digital decoding failure do to bad memory. then from the image transfer route the only digital part is the gep23 inside the image controller. this board is the video board for 550 series Used for converting digital image into analogue ready to be amplified by the aom driver. From this you have two thing to do. 1. remove it and clean it up using any electronic board cleaner spray, like jersy50 then try 2. simply exchange with a good working one and enjoy. Be sure I have solve this problem like that several times.
  15. nanotron

    Ms01 Ms16 Ms18

    Helo i have version 3.1 but Why not try the fe software it is better
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