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  1. nicksimoneau

    Problem With Ms13 And Ms01 4.2

    No I got the answer from the Fuji guys, the reason why the new hotfolder wont stay in the config file is because we use a too long hotfolder name, MS13 is based on the old C8 and we can only use a max 5 charts for the folder name, idem for the paper size name.
  2. nicksimoneau

    Problem With Ms13 And Ms01 4.2

    I have the same issue, did you solve your problem ?
  3. nicksimoneau


    The hotfix for this issue is this file: Windows6.1-KB2524249-x86.exe for 32bits installation You can get it on the microsoft website at this adress: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx%3Fid%3D29145
  4. nicksimoneau


    If you were running ms01 on Windows 7, you have to install a particular Microsoft hot fix for the firewire connection to keep it steady. The problem is based on package dropped by the OS. I'm not currently at the office but soon as Im in I'll send you the fix
  5. nicksimoneau


    Abdo I have fix my problem if I can help you let me know
  6. nicksimoneau


    Did you fix your problem? I have the same problem here !
  7. nicksimoneau

    E-5201 with MS01 v4.2 Windows 7

    Hi, I have problem with my MS01 new configuration. I use my MS01 to print on LP5500 without scanner. So I have my FDDPC and my MSPC The problem doesn't appear all the time, sometime it appear after 3 print, other time is after 50 prints, it's a random problem but it allways appear. Printer connect to FDDPC with Firewire with the NIC driver for 1394. and the MSPC is connected to the FDDPC with Ethernet cable. I have no problem to send from MSPC to the FDDPC so the problem is not there. I have some event in the Windows Event viewer about fuji 1394 files. I have try to change the firewire card, same problem. My local network is on so to be sure I put my LP5500 on and my firewire card on If any of you had this issue and know how to fix it, please help me
  8. nicksimoneau

    MS01 4.2R

    I have the same issue, did you fix your trouble ?
  9. nicksimoneau

    Ms01 V4.2 E5201 Error

    Does somebody as the 3.1 driver ? I have the same problem with the v4.2
  10. nicksimoneau

    Ms01 4.2 Network And System Name Query

    Finaly got it by using the Windows Homegroup network assistant that generate a password to join the group and tadam everything work !
  11. nicksimoneau

    Ms01 4.2 Network And System Name Query

    hi All , I have the exact same problem but no solution. Both computer can see each other, I can access both by name (\\FMPC) but can't complete the MS01 Printer installation because it didnt see the FE-FRONTEND pc
  12. nicksimoneau

    Frontier 550/570

    I have some scratches on my picture. We have change the P1,P2, PS1-2-3-4 and clean all the rack and the problem persist. http://i.imgur.com/O5rBZSZ.jpg
  13. nicksimoneau

    Lp5700 Print Size 60 Cm

    Hello, please send me the L1 software at nick_simoneau@hotmail.com Thanks
  14. Hi all, does any one of you have a Frontier 550/590 ? I need to know what is you frequency of cleaning the sponge roller at the begining of the dryer ? reference image: http://i.imgur.com/UYV8wNe.jpg I do it at each 2 day. it is too much or not enough ? Fuji Tech support dont have any idea so I ask you ! Thanks ! Nick
  15. nicksimoneau

    Back Print

    do you have a solution ? I try to change it too