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  1. hi auslagger, i have a g4 with 1.2 ghz pentium 4 and kpk 8.1 (windows xp) I replaced the hdd with a CF on an ide adaptor, but it's still too slow If i just switch the mainboard, it will just work, without reinstalling anything? Or I need to install the windows 7 based kpk from the g4x? Thanks
  2. Anyone knows how much is the yearly licensing fee?
  3. do you mean a cheaper compatible media?
  4. Hi, I'm about to buy a Fuji ASK-300 or the Kodak 305, but something is not clear to me: The fuji and the mitsubishi variants can print 4x6 photos using the 4x6 roll or using the 6x8 roll (but in this case by wasting a print if an uneven number of prints is sent) The kodak variant has only the 6x8 roll option, I don't understand if it wastes a print if an uneven number of prints is sent. The kodak 6850 rewinds the ribbon in those cases, maybe the kodak variant is smart enough to do that?
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